Garage Sales – Writing Contest #2

What would happen if a character from Narnia held a garage sale? What sort of items might you find? 75 words or less.

Example: The Queen of Narnia is holding a garage sale this week.  Featured items include a stone knife, slightly used wand, and some stone statues.

Honorable Mentions

Uncle Andrew Open Attic by Smojo
Open Attic sale! Come see our fine collection of colorful rings (only available in yellow and green), special time warping Guinea Pigs, and our one of a kind Uncle Andrew Tree! (AKA “The Neevil”)

Trumpkin’s Treasures by Niffum
The Dwarfs are having a holt sale, items to be found inclue; a pickaxe(slightly bent), A large ale mug with a lion on it, beard wax, and some Soup and Celery!

Yard Sale by Lindybird
This Saturday, a yard sale at the Queen of Narnia’s palace: Toys, clothes, statues.

and the winner

Castle getting crowded… by MekareQ
Saturday: Everything must go! 1 bow + quiver inexhaustable arrows (slightly used) 1 cordial curative drought (1/2 original contents) 1 large bear-shaped paperweight (found behind evil queen’s castle after Lion left)

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