Narnian Businesses – Writing Contest #5

What if a Narnian character opened up their own business? The Harfang Cafe, Tumnus’ Used Books, etc. What services or products might they provide? Limit 100 words.

Example: White Witch’s Lawn Ornaments:  Carries a full selection of new, vintage, and antique sculpture dating back as far as 100 years.  Lifelike detail.  Reasonable pricing.

Honorable Mentions

The Muddy Marsh, Cafe and Diner by Red Marauder
Marshwiggle owned and operated for three Generations the Muddy Marsh is a pleasant mixture of murk and sludge. Specials include Puddleglum’s famous Eel stew,and good old-fashioned Fricaseed Frog and Eel Pie. All Products are 100% authentic Marshwiggle. Though the service isn’t the best, the food should keep you coming back for more. (The owners wish to warn you that excess amounts of wiggle food may lead to stomach discmfort, and should be eaten sparingly.)

Jadis’ turkish delight shop by Cojiro
The best Turkish delight you’ll ever have! After you’ve eaten your fill, why not relax with a hot chocolate? Once you’ve tried us, you’ll definatly be back for more. Remember to bring the whole family!

Andrew’s Antique Jewelry by Reep
Interesting handcrafted artifacts in gold and emerald colors that are truly out of this world. (Some dustiness to be expected.) Sold factory-direct to you, with no devilishly queer middle men! Hurry, merchandise vanishing rapidly!

and the winner

House of Swords by Barbarian Mushroom
Reepicheep’s House of Swords is now open for business!
Expertly teaching the finer techniques of fencing; including how to make the best of your size in a fight, and tail defense strategies.
Due to an impending voyage to the Utter East, our ability to take on new students is limited, so sign up today! We are located just to the left of Aslan’s How.

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