Good Idea, Bad Idea – Writing Contest #9

This month’s assignment is based on the old “Good Idea, Bad Idea” from the Animaniacs T.V. show. Come up with a Narnian version. Once this competition ends, we will add our favorites to a new list in the humor section. And, of course, the winners will be posted here.

Good Idea: Making friends with Tumnus.<br>
Bad Idea: Making friends with Maugrim.

Honorable Mentions

There’s a Good and Bad Side to Every Trip by Tinchick
Good Idea: Visiting a newly-made world

Bad Idea: Visiting a newly-made world with a witch and your crazy Uncle

What do you think by Windsong
Good Idea: Having tea with the Beavers with your siblings there of course.
Bad Idea: Having turkish delight with an unknown stranger-alone.

Two ways of meeting Reepicheep by Iris of the Sunny Dale
Good Idea: When introduced to Reepicheep, politely and honestly refer to him with titles of honor and chivalry (as best represent talking mice), or whatever respectful things you can say. If you can’t think of anything respectful, don’t speak at all, but at least bow courteously – for it’s not every day one gets to be introduced to the head of the talking mice.

Bad Idea: When meeting Reepicheep, loudly exclaim with horrid disatisfaction how he is utterly tiny, extremely pitiful, and dreadfully frightening. And perhaps say something about how his tail is the worst thing about him, and how it perfectly sums his appearance up to the same level as your most nightmarish dreads.

and the winner

By Aslans Mane! by Aslans Nephew
Good idea: Meeting Aslan
Bad idea: Checking to se if his Mane is “Real”

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