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Narnian Riddles – Writing Contest #13

Write a Narnian riddle. Don’t forget to provide the solution.


I have two tails, two manes, two coats.
I feed on grass and hay and oats.
While I may start at slightest sound
I instill terror all around.
What am I?

Answer:  Puzzle in a lion’s skin

Honorable Mentions

Who Am I by Writing Narnia Fan
I sit in a row of people so fine
I am the tallest in the line
At the very end of the row I sit
In an enchantment so dark and thick
In the middle of the hall
Is a tabel and on it a bell
Ring that bell and you will see
The real and alive version of me

Who Am I?
Jadis (The Magician’s Nephew)

Who Am I? by Narnia Freak
after a battle i have no tail, i’m black and blue ,but mostly pale.Who am I? answer:Reepicheep after a battle

Narnian Riddle by Peter Pevensie
I have two stomachs,
One tail, and one nose,
I have six appendages
Though, none with toes,
I have brains, wit, and cleverness ,
I even eat six meals,
Two dinners, lunches, and breakfasts.
What am I???

Answer: a centaur (pick which you want: Roonwit, Glenstorm, Oreius, etc.)

Dark Clouds and Smells by Peter Pevensie
Dark clouds and horrid smells abound
Whenever I am to be found.
I feed on the blood of men
From my altar in Tashbaan.
My smoky form,this lean carrion,
Hates everything Narnian.
I stretch out my claws,
Open wide my jaws,
In the effort of snatching everything I see.
I can make you sick at the sight of me.

Answer (in backwards): hsaT

Sweetie by QueenSusan
I am soft and sweet,
I am red in the middle,
I’ll give you more,
If you answer my riddle.
Answer; Turkish Delight

and the winner

RIDDLE by Elaina of the Dryads
I send you away to your task, I bring you back from stony sleep. I carry both fearful noises and gentle sounds. What am I?

Answer: The Breath of Aslan

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Narnian Carols – Writing Contest #12

Put a Narnian twist on an old Christmas carol.


Tumnus’ Invitation (The Little Drummer Boy)
“Come,” he told me, pa rum pa pum pum<br>
“We’ll have sardines and tea.” Pa rum pa pum pum<br>
“I have a cave so warm.” Pa rum pa pum pum.<br>
“It will keep out the storm.” Pa rum pa pum pum, rum pa pum pum rum pa pum pum.<br>
“I will play for you.”  Pa rum pa pum pum.
“When you come.”

Honorable Mentions

The Twelve Narnia Days by Sky of Overland
On the twelvth day of Christmas my true love gave to me twelve battles won, eleven telmarines, ten dwarf teachers, nine crazy uncles, eight wooden wardrobes, seven angry giants, six silver chairs, five yellow and green rings, four kids hiding, three swords slashing, two married beavers and a lion in a Narnia story.

Do You Hear what I Hear (The horse and his boy) by Lady Violet
Thought the boy as he listened to the horse,
“Do you hear what i hear? A horse, a horse, talking back to me, and he says his name is Bree Hee! And he says his name is Bree Hee!”
Said the talking horse to the horse named Hwin, “Do you see what i see? A LION, A LION, whose teeth are sharp like knives, let us run out of here for our lives!!!! Let us run out of here for our lives!!!!”
Said King Lune to the people everywhere, “Listen to what I say! My son, my son, who was gone so long, let us make him royal and be strong! Let us make him royal and be strong!!

Away in a Wardrobe by Missy May
Away in a Wardrobe (to the tune of Away in a Manger)

Away in a country inside a wardrobe
a story of beauty and magic unfolds
when Lucy walked in and she found a new land
she met Mr. Tumnus, and it was quite grand
but soon her fun time was ended too quick
when no one believed her, not one little lick
so she went searching and found it again
and this time dear Edmund followed her in
she thought that her troubles were over but then
Edmund proved to be an awful friend
yet still no one believed her
believed what she said

Finally, later, they all stumbled in,
and found that Lucy had found a real land
and in there they had great adventures, they did
and learned a great deal, though they were just kids
the White Witch was ruling the land with a curse
the winter unending, all Warmth was dispersed
Edmund betrayed them to the evil White Witch
he wanted so bad for that turkish delight
he forgot his brother and sister’s plight
but Peter and Susan and small Lucy, too
they were shown by the beavers the right thing to do
so they went to the stone table
and Aslan was there
they found he was the answer to all of their fears

and the winner

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Narnian st by Dogger
Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
let your heart be light.
From now on the White Witch will be out of sight.
Get yourself a gift from father Christmas;
greet him while you may.
Spring has come, and snow and ice will melt away.
Here we are as in olden days, happy golden days of yore.
Kings and queens who are dear to us
will bring cheer to us once more.
Through the years we all will be together
should aslan allow.
Go before your kings and queens to humbly bow,
and have yourself a merry little Christmas now.

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