Narnian Riddles – Writing Contest #13

Write a Narnian riddle. Don’t forget to provide the solution.


I have two tails, two manes, two coats.
I feed on grass and hay and oats.
While I may start at slightest sound
I instill terror all around.
What am I?

Answer:  Puzzle in a lion’s skin

Honorable Mentions

Who Am I by Writing Narnia Fan
I sit in a row of people so fine
I am the tallest in the line
At the very end of the row I sit
In an enchantment so dark and thick
In the middle of the hall
Is a tabel and on it a bell
Ring that bell and you will see
The real and alive version of me

Who Am I?
Jadis (The Magician’s Nephew)

Who Am I? by Narnia Freak
after a battle i have no tail, i’m black and blue ,but mostly pale.Who am I? answer:Reepicheep after a battle

Narnian Riddle by Peter Pevensie
I have two stomachs,
One tail, and one nose,
I have six appendages
Though, none with toes,
I have brains, wit, and cleverness ,
I even eat six meals,
Two dinners, lunches, and breakfasts.
What am I???

Answer: a centaur (pick which you want: Roonwit, Glenstorm, Oreius, etc.)

Dark Clouds and Smells by Peter Pevensie
Dark clouds and horrid smells abound
Whenever I am to be found.
I feed on the blood of men
From my altar in Tashbaan.
My smoky form,this lean carrion,
Hates everything Narnian.
I stretch out my claws,
Open wide my jaws,
In the effort of snatching everything I see.
I can make you sick at the sight of me.

Answer (in backwards): hsaT

Sweetie by QueenSusan
I am soft and sweet,
I am red in the middle,
I’ll give you more,
If you answer my riddle.
Answer; Turkish Delight

and the winner

RIDDLE by Elaina of the Dryads
I send you away to your task, I bring you back from stony sleep. I carry both fearful noises and gentle sounds. What am I?

Answer: The Breath of Aslan

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