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Travel Ads – Writing Contest #15

You’ve just been hired for the exciting position of Travel Agent to Narnia and the surrounding countries. Write a blurb promoting one of these dream destinations.

Example: Visit with the gentle giants of Harfang this fall.  Enjoy the beautiful scenery on the moors as you enjoy fabled giantish hospitality and prepare for the excitement of the Autumn Feast.  Travel insurance not offered.

Honorable Mentions

Come to Dragon Isle!!!! by Peter Pevensie
Come to Dragon Isle for all you dragonish desires! Be sure you look for a fabulous treasure hidden somewhere on the island. If your ship is in need of repeair (typically the mast) we offer a variety of trees such as pine to replace it. Also while you are here try to get an expensive armband that is tossed up on the rocks (we have heard that it is supposed to hang there until the world ends, but it might still be possible). Come to Dragon Isle!!!

Spare Oom by Pattertwig
Do you remember reading fairy tales of round worlds*? Have you ever wondered if there ARE round worlds? Well, surprise! They do exist, and the adventure of exploring the Sperical Realms could be yours for 45.00 lions! Just call Lucy Pevensie at 1-800-WARDROBE to get a guided tour of the bright city of War Drobe in Spare Oom. But hurry! This offer won’t last long. So, remember, call 1-800-WARDROBE and ask for Lucy Pevensie.
*Offer does not apply to trips to the countries where people walk upside-down. Contact Eustace Scrubb for more information.

A Visit to the Shallow Lands by Sally
Come and enjoy the breath taking adventure in this underground cavern. Not only will you get to see the magical city of the Lady of the Green Curtle, but you can also go on an underground tour with features such as “Sleeping Father Time” and much more.
You can also have your picture taken in the Silver Chair ! Come one, come all on this chance of a lifetime.

Come See Beautiful Lantern Waste by Reepicheep’s cousin
Come to relax and enjoy rustic Latern Waste. The perfect getaway from all the hustle and bustle of Beaversdam trade days. Visit the historic home of Faun Tumnus just around the corner from the lodging facilities. Come to Lantern Waste where the food is hearty, the fellowship warm, and the surroundings enchanting. We’ll leave the light on for you.

and the winner

Get to Goldwater by Anastasia
Have you always wondered of the riches that lie to the East, beyond the Lone Islands? Now, for the first time, you can enjoy a 366 day (one year and a day) cruise to the island of Death…I mean…Goldwater. This island’s main attraction is its stunningly beautiful water, which looks refreshing enough to dive in at first sight. A souvenir shop is located nearby, with lifesize, and almost lifelike, statues of gold, which can be purchased for a price. You may even catch a glimpse of Aslan, who will make you forget all your worries and troubles. Come, pamper yourself today, as this offer is for a limited time only.
WARNING: The swimming pool is currently under reconstruction.

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