April Fool’s Pranks – Writing Contest #16

It’s April Fool’s day in Narnia. What pranks might Narnians play on each other in observation of this unusual holiday?

Example:Mr. Tumnus and Chervy the Stag looked decidedly embarassed as they stood before the nobles in the council room of Cair Paravel.

“We just thought the High King looked like he could use some time off, after fighting all those giants, and the others, after that nasty business in Calormen and Archenland,” said Tumnus defensively, “So we, uh, told them that the White Stag had once more been seen in the forest.” He pointed to Chervy, still covered in baking flour. “We had no idea they’d leave their horses behind and get lost permanently!

Honorable Mentions

Restimar’s bath by Red Marauder
The Lord Rhoop’s Logue:
First of April
We stopped at an island to resupply today, and the Lord Argoz and I decided to play a prank on Restimar; poor fellow. He’s been complaining all along about not being able to bathe regularly, so, while he was taking a nap in the heather, we snuck up behind him and poured a bucket of slop (leftover’s from supper) on him. He smelled terrble! He was mad as ever, for he hates being dirty. we laughed so hard, while he headed towards a nearby lake, presumably to wash himnself off. He must be still sulking, though, for he has not yet returned to camp.

April Fool’s Day with Eustace by Nancy Potter
From the diary of Eustace Clarence Scrubb:
April 1st. Aboard the Dawn Treader. April Fools Day todayisnt it a coincidence that Im spending it with a bunch of fools on board a toy boat in the middle of nowhere? All day, I tried to lighten up the mood of the crew by showing them what a real April Fools Day was like; if I had known what would have happened later, I wouldnt have bothered, but, being a naturally kind and helpful person, I couldnt help myself. First I pretended to be sick in order to get some water, but they wouldnt let me have any and actually threatened me with two dozentheir idea of a joke. Then I tried to tell E. and L. (my cousins) a funny limerick I had made up about their silly Narnia game, but all they could talk about was that it didnt rhyme! Finally, I snuck up behind that annoying performing mouse they have on board, and swung it round by the tail! Even though it was obviously all in good fun, the horrid creature actually started yelling and stabbing me with his sword!! I had to apologize in front of EVERYONE. Needless to say, Ill be spending the rest of the holiday alone in my bedIm feeling quite fatigued already.

Not so deaf by Werewolf
“My dear friends..” commenced Lord Rully.
“Eh? What’s that?” asked Trumpkin. Everyone had noticed the new ear trumpet when Trumpkin had entered into the great hall that day.
“My dear comrades…” said Lord Rully a trifle louder.
“What’s that about raids?” questioned Trumpkin. All the lords and ladies of the courts hastened to explain but Trumpkin appeared oblivious to them all as he sat smiling next to Caspian. Suddenly he burst out “I know what you said! You asked if everyone was nice and cool in the shade! April Fools!” Trumpkin bent closer to a puzzled Caspian. “I only pretend to be deaf sometimes.” he said in a whisper everyone heard.

and the winner

A very serious business by Cor
Mr. Beaver strolled into the Beaver’s hut.
“Oh, by the way dear, a centaur is coming for lunch.” he said calmly.
“Oh no!” cried Mrs. Beaver. “Don’t you know that inviting a centaur for lunch is a very serious business indeed? There’
s all the food….” She started preparing all the food. Mr. Beaver chuckled to himself. “Looks like I’m going to have a big lunch.” he murmured to himself.

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