Mad Libs – Writing Contest #18

Create a Narnian Mad Lib. This month, we have an extra special reward! Our favorite entries will be considered for inclusion in a new Mad Libs game page on The Lion’s Call. Humor counts!

Note: All entries become the property of and may be used and adapted accordingly.


Aravis’ Troubles

I simply cannot believe my father wanted me to marry [male name]. He looks like a[animal]. He must be at least [number] years old. I would rather eat [food] than marry him! Well, I decided I would have none of it. I am running away to [place]. Why? Because my Talking [animal] told me to, that’s why! The only problem is that we hooked up with a boy named [male name] and his Talking [animal] [male name]. He is a [adjective], common little boy. What’s worse, he was grabbed by a man once we reached [city name] and now I’m stuck with the [animals] at my old friend [female name]’s house. All she cares about is [plural noun] and [plural noun]. And her pet [animal] won’t stop swinging from the ceiling!

Honorable Mentions

The Signs by Anastasia
Before [verb ending in -ing] her off the top of [high place] to begin the search for [royal person], Aslan told [girl’s name] to remember [number] signs. These were the signs:

1. When [boy’s name] [past tense verb] in [country], he was to [present tense verb] to a(n) [adjective] friend, so that they would have [adjective] help.

2. They were to [present tense verb] to the [adjective] [place] of the [people].

3. They were to find a [thing] on a [thing], and do what it said.

4. Finally, they would know [royal person from before] because he/she would be the first [noun] they met who would [verb] something in the [thing] of Aslan.

The Battle by Aranel
Peter Pevensie was about to engage in a(n) ____________ (adj.) battle with the White Witch. His vast army stretched into the distance behind him, and he had the mighty General Orieus, the ___________ (creature) at his side. When the ____________ (noun) and her army ____________ (past tense verb), Peter decided to send in the ___________ (plural exotic creature). The ____________ (same as previous) flew ___________ (adverb) to drop __________ (plural noun) on them. Many __________ (plural noun) were ____________ (past tense verb), but they kept coming. Gradually, ___________ (plural noun) rolled in, and ____________ (liquid) poured from the sky, _____________ (present tense verb) everyone. Otmin, the _____________ (creature), _______________ (present tense verb), Look to the _____________ (noun)! The entire enemy looked up to see _____________ (noun). However, since it was only a bit of ___________ (noun), they paid it no heed.
I have no interest in ___________ (plural noun). ___________ (command) them all! ordered the ___________ (color) Witch.
Orieus, Peter, and all the others fought ____________ (adverb). Orieus ___________ (past tense verb) his ___________ (weapon) through a _____________ (creature), Peters unicorn gored a ____________ (creature) with its ___________ (part of an animal), and the archers _____________ (past tense verb) many ___________ (plural noun).
For however many they __________ (past tense verb), there never seemed to be any lack of ___________ (noun). The (color) Witch was turning everyone to ____________ (a mineral) with her ___________ (kitchen appliance). When Edmund, who __________ (past tense verb) ________________ (noun), ____________ (past tense verb) her ______________ (said kitchen appliance), the witch ______________ (past tense verb relating to said kitchen appliance) him with it. Then, he fell with ____________ (liquid) pouring from the wound. Thinking he was dead, the witch went to __________ (verb) Peter. They dueled for what seemed like __________ (unit of time), then the witch had him down with her ___________ (plural sharp object) crossed at his neck.
Before she could _____________ (verb) him, however, _____________ (dumb name), the great Lion, returned with reinforcements, attacked her, and bit her ______________ (body part). Then ___________ (said dumb name) and Lucy went about the battlefield restoring the ___________ (said mineral) statues and curing the wounded with a __________ (small object). Narnia was __________ (past-tense verb)!

The Horse and his boy by The Little Caesar
The Horse and His Boy
Once there lived a (NOUN) named Shasta, who lived with a (NOUN), Arsheesh. Arsheesh was a (PROFESSION) and caught (PLURAL NOUN) every day for a living. One day, a (FAMOUS PERSON) came to Arsheeshs hut and wanted to (VERB) Shasta. Shasta ran away with the (FAMOUS PERSON)s (ANIMAL), who turned out to be a talking (ANIMAL) from Narnia called Bree. Bree and Shasta meet up with Aravis and Hwin, rich (PLURAL NOUN) from Carlomene who also are looking for Narnia. On their way to Narnia, they must pass through the great (NOUN) of Tashbaan. In Tashbaan, Shasta is picked up by a group of (ADJ) Narnians, who think he is a Narnian (NOUN). Shasta escapes from the Narnians when the true (NOUN) is found, and spends a night outside at the (PLURAL POSSESSION) of the Ancient (PLURAL PEOPLE) with only a (ANIMAL) for comfort. Aravis, Hwin, and Bree arrive the next day, after running into an old (NOUN) of Araviss in Tashbaan and receiving (PLURAL NOUN) for their journey. Aravis tells Shasta that Prince Rabadash is planning to (VERB) Archenland and (VERB) Narnia in order to (VERB) Queen Susan. The two horses and children race as (ADV) as they can and are able to warn the people of Archenland about the Prince, who is crossing the desert with an army of (NUMBER) (PLURAL NOUN). There is a great battle, and the Narnians arrive to help the Archenlanders defeat Rabadash. Shasta discovers he is the long lost (NOUN) of King Lune; he and Aravis go to (VERB) in the palace at Archenland.

The l, w, and the w by Jacques
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Once, there were four (PLURAL NOUN), and their names were Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. They go to stay with a (ADJ) professor and discover a magic (NOUN) which opened into a country called Narnia. In Narnia lives a (ADJ) witch who has ruled for (NUMBER) years and has made it so that it is always (ADJ), but it never gets to (HOLIDAY). The four children enter Narnia and meet a (NOUN), who tells them that they can defeat the (ADJ) witch with the help of the great (ANIMAL), Aslan. Edmund decides to (VERB) the others and goes to join the witch, hoping she will give him some (FOOD) to eat. However, she gives him (FOOD) and later tries to (VERB) him, but is stopped by a party of (PLURAL NOUN) sent by Aslan to rescue Edmund. Aslan dies in the place of Edmund, but comes back to life again and turns all of the Narnians (who had been turned into (PLURAL NOUN) by the witch) into (PLURAL NOUN). They fight and win a great battle with the witch and her (PLURAL NOUN). Afterwards Lucy uses her magic (NOUN), given to her by (FAMOUS PERSON), to heal all the wounded. The children are crowned (PLURAL NOUN) and (PLURAL NOUN) of Narnia by Aslan, and rule for many many years, until they stumble back into the (NOUN#3) when hunting for the white (ANIMAL).

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by Jacques
Edmund and Lucy are staying with their (MALE RELATIVE), a very (ADJ) boy named Eustace Clarence Scrubb. One day, Edmund, Lucy, and Eustace are looking at a (NOUN) when it comes to life! All the children fall into the (NOUN) and end up on a (NOUN) in the middle of the sea with Prince Caspian and a crew of Narnians. Caspian is on a voyage to seek (NUMBER) missing (PLURAL NOUNS) of Narnia whom his uncle Miraz sent away to sea. The children have many adventures as they sail towards the east; for example, Eustace turns into a (NOUN), but is changed back by Aslan and becomes a much (ADJ-er, nicer, etc.) boy; they discover an island where the water turns whatever it touches into (PLURAL NOUN); one island is inhabited by invisible (PLURAL NOUN) which threaten to cut the Narnians throats unless Lucy changes them into (PLURAL NOUN) by reading from a magicians book; An especially (ADJ) adventure occurs when they come upon a (ADJ) island where dreams become (ADJ). Finally they discover all (PREVIOUS NUMBER #6) of the missing (PREVIOUS PLURAL NOUNS #7) and Prince Caspian sails for Narnia, but Lucy, Edmund, Eustace, and Reepicheep, chief (NOUN) of Narnia, continue to sail east for a while until their boat runs aground. Then, Reepicheep paddles off in a (NOUN-some kind of container) while Lucy, Edmund, and Eustace are sent home by Aslan.

Prince Caspian by Jacques-the little caesar
Prince Caspian
Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy, the four (PLURAL NOUN) who became (PLURAL NOUN) in a land called Narnia, are waiting for a train to take them to boarding school when they are summoned into Narnia by the blast of a magic (NOUN). They meet a (NOUN) named Trumpkin who explains to them that the old Narnians (creatures such as talking (PLURAL NOUN) and other (PLURAL NOUN#4) like Trumpkin) are battling against the (ADJ) king Miraz and his army of (ADJ) Telmarines. Aslan appears to Lucy, the (SUPERLATIVE) of the four children and guides them to the headquarters of Prince Caspian, Mirazs (MALE RElATIVE) and now King over the talking (PLURAL NOUN) of Narnia. Peter, Edmund, and Trumpkin enter Aslans How just in time to save the Prince from two wicked (PLURAL NOUN). They make plans for battle and finally decide to send Miraz a (NOUN) in the name of High King Peter. Miraz accepts the (PREVIOUS NOUN) and it is agreed that he and Peter will (VERB) each other in behalf of their armies. In the battle, Miraz is slain by a (NOUN) and the Telmarines attack. Aslan comes to the rescue with an army of (PLURAL NOUN). All the Telmarines run, (VERB ending in ing) as they go, and eventually surrender. Finally, Prince Caspian is crowned king over Narnia; the four children go back to England, but when they arrive, Edmund realizes that he has left his birthday present, a (NOUN) from his father, in Narnia!

The Silver Chair by Jacques-the little caesar
The Silver Chair
Jill Pole is (Verb-ending in ing) behind her school because a group of (PLURAL NOUN) have been bullying her. Eustace, the cousin of the four famous (PLURAL NOUN) who became (PLURAL NOUN) in Narnia, finds her and tries to cheer her up by telling her about Narnia. They are interrupted by the group of (PLURAL NOUN #2), who chase them out through a door that opens into a (ADJ) country. Eustace falls off a (NOUN) and Jill meets Aslan, who gives her (NUMBER) signs to remember and sends her to Narnia to meet Eustace and find the lost (NOUN) of Narnia. Jill and Eustace meet Glimfeather, a talking (ANIMAL) who helps them get started, and Puddleglum, a (ADJ) (NOUN) who appears to be very (ADJ) on the outside, but is actually quite (ADJ). They travel a very long way past many (PLURAL NOUN); once they are almost eaten by some (PLURAL NOUN) but barely manage to escape with Aslans help. They find the lost (NOUN#9) in an underground (NOUN), where the Lady of the (COLOR) (ITEM OF CLOTHING) dwells with her army of (PLURAL NOUN). Rilian is under a spell and is tied every day to a silver (NOUN) by the (PREVIOUS PLURAL NOUN) of the Queen. Puddleglum and the children free Rilian and kill the Queen, who has turned into a (ANIMAL) to try to stop them. They leave the underground (NOUN#18) and return to Narnia, where Rilian is crowned king and the children go to Aslans country. They meet Caspian, who has become very (ADJ), and return to give the (FIRST PLURAL NOUN)at Experiment House a (NOUN).

The Magician’s Nephew by Jacques-the little caesar
The Magicians Nephew
Digory and Polly are very good (PLURAL NOUN) and next-door (PLURAL NOUN) who live in the city of London. They decide to go exploring in Pollys (ROOM IN HOUSE) and find a (ADJ) room which seems (ADJ) and has a tray full of green and yellow (PLURAL NOUN). It turns out that the room and the (PREVIOUS PLURAL NOUN) belong to Digorys Uncle Andrew. Uncle Andrew tricks Polly into (VERB ending in ing) one of the (P. PLURAL NOUN); she immediately vanishes! Digory follows Polly and they explore a new world where Digory brings a stone (NOUN) to life by accident who/which turns out to be a (ADJ) and (ADJ) Queen. The Queen follows Polly and Digory back to Uncle Andrews room and chaos ensues in the town. Digory and Polly manage to take the Queen out the world and into a (ADJ) world which is being created by a (ANIMAL). The Queen runs from the (ANIMAL) in terror, but Digory decides to ask him if he will heal Digorys mother, who is very (ADJ). The (ANIMAL), Aslan, is very (ADJ) with Digory because he has brought the Queen into the new land, but forgives him after Digory goes on a (ADJ) journey to bring a (SOMETHING EDIBLE) which will, when planted, grow into a tree that will protect Narnia (the land) from the Queen for (AN AMOUNT OF TIME). After Digorys return, Aslan gives Digory a (SOMETHING EDIBLE SAME) from the tree which has grown, which cures Digorys mother when he goes home.

The Last Battle by Jacques
The Last Battle
In the last days of Narnia, there lived a (ADJ) (ANIMAL) named Shift. Shift finds a (PIECE OF CLOTHING) which he adjusts to fit his (NOUN) Puzzle. Shift (ADV) persuades Puzzle to pretend to be Aslan and tell all the other animals what/how to (VERB). King Tirian and his faithful (NOUN), Jewel discover that the new Aslan is really a (NOUN) and very (ADJ) compared to the Aslan in the stories. They are joined by Eustace and Jill, (PLURAL NOUN) from another world, and Poggin, a (ADJ) dwarf, as they prepare to (VERB) with the Carlomenes and Shift. In the middle of the commotion, the great (NOUN), Tash, arrives. There is a (ADJ) battle between the Narnians and Carlomenes on (NOUN) Hill (called (PREVIOUS NOUN) Hill because of the large wooden (PREVIOUS NOUN) on top of the hill). Eventually, Tirian, Jill, and Eustace find themselves inside the (PREVIOUS NOUN) in what seems to be a different country. The country is (COLOR) and full of beautiful (PLURAL NOUN). In the country, they meet Aslan, who goes back to the (PREVIOUS NOUN) to end the world. Narnia comes to an end and all the animals are judged by Aslan. The children and Tirian are sad, but cheer up right away when they find their old (PLURAL NOUN), which/whom they knew in Narnia, in this new country! Then, Jill and Eustace learn that they, along with Lucy, Peter, Digory, Polly, Edmund, and the Pevensies parents, are (PLURAL NOUN) and can live with Aslan for (PERIOD OF TIME).

Trumpkin’s Troubles by Jesus Freak
Oh, what am I going to do? First, King Caspian sent me on this [adjective] mission. Then, I was captured and two [plural noun], who brought me to this [adjective] island. All my life I’ve heard stories about the [plural noun] that live here and how they [verb]. Well, I might have been killed if an arrow hadn’t come flying [adverb] out of nowhere. Turns out that my rescuers were the [adjective] Kings and Queens of Narnia that I had been sent here to find. They certainly weren’t what I was expecting! They look like there only about [number] years old! Caspian is going to [verb] when he hears about this!

Euctace and his point of view by Alenus
So here I am, stuck with my [adjective] cousin’s, this [adjective] Caspian, and we’re sailing in the [liquid] in a rotten little [container]. What is a kind, thoughtful and [adjective] boy to do? I can’t [verb] with the others – they hate me of course – and I won’t [verb] with Caspian because he’ll think I stole the [another liquid] last night – so he’s still angry at [adjective] old me. Lucy is a [adjective] [noun’, and she thinks I’m a brat (where it’s the other way around. Not that I think badly of any one ever!) and Edmund is the [adjective] little [animal]. Just a while back, I was [verb (past tense)] by some slave traders, and of course, the [adjective] Caspian was enjoying himself. Who knows what [adjective] dangers lie ahead? And it’ll all be worse with these hideous [animal (plural)] that pretend to be people aboard!

and the winner

“We’ll all be dead by morning, I shouldn’t wonder” by Red Marauder
I am having a [adjective] winter trying my best to steady my overly cheery disposition (not saying I won’t fail, of course). Me and 2 humans, [boy’s name] and [girl’s name], are on a [adjective] quest, which will probably take our lives. First we were nearly killed several times from flying [pural noun] being thrown by vicious [plural creatures]. We survived, but sure enough, our luck didn’t hold out. Right after blundering across a very suspicious-looking [adjective] bridge (i’m sure it was only by luck that it didn’t disentigrate beneath us before we made it across) We were tricked by a [adjective] lady, all dressed in [color] (with a [adjective] speech impediment) into going to [place]. once there, we were almost made into [type of food] by a bunch of [adjective] giants. We got out alive, (which is more then I expected) but I still am convinced that we brought on us the curse of [male name]. We are fortunate to be deep underground, in the [adjective] and desolate lands that exist there, for it is not likely for their to be any [precipitation]. It is all so [adjective] and greusome that i feel oodles less flighty already. Plus, we are now the prisoners of a band of [plural creature] that take a very serious view on life, and I shouldn’t wonder if we weren’t made as [adjective] and [adjective] as they are before we make it out, IF we ever do (which is more then i expect). Of course, dieing in [adjective] caves sure beats growing bitter against one another and trying to kill each other with [plural noun], which is how all these [adjective] expeditions usually end.

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