What Would You Take? – Writing Contest #19

If you were one of the human characters and could take only three objects on your visit to Narnia, what would you take, and why?

Example: On my journey aboard the Dawn Treader, I would take a GPS device (no more looking for those pesky islands), Dramamine (not that Lucy’s cordial isn’t top notch), and a satellite phone (to keep in touch with the British Consul).

Honorable Mentions

Lucy in LWW by Nancy P.
If I were Lucy Pevensie, on my trip through the Wardrobe, I would take a digital camera (imagine the possibilites for scrapbooking!!! “Me and Mr. Tumnus,” “Me and Father Christmas,” “Me and Aslan,” etc.), a box of Turkish Delight (to keep Edmund with us), and a snow mobile (let’s see the White Witch try to catch us now!).

Edmund by edmundkingofnarnia
A 5 pound box of Turkish Delight. (I wont have to ash the witch.) A sling shott. (a few big rocks should pay out thoes priggs. A new older brother (Peter likes the girls more than me and I hate it)

Jill Pole by Jacques
If I could redo my trip to Narnia in “The Silver Chair,” I would take a pen (for heaven’s sake, WRITE DOWN those signs!!!), some good sturdy shoes (to be used in hiking across the moors, the marsh, underground caverns, running away from Harfang giants, stamping out the Lady’s green fire so PG wouldn’t have to burn his hand), and last but not least, my autograph book (won’t all the others be jealous!!!!)

and the winner

Items essential for creation by Peridot
When entering Narnia for the first time, I would bring a taser (I don’t want to kill anyone but if that witch grabs my hair…), A bar of chocolate (to plant of course and save the sanity of future queens), and a tape recorder (to save Aslan’s beautiful song).

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