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FROM: Unknown
TO: King Peter , Queen Susan , King Edmund , Queen Lucy , Lilygloves , Tumnus , Mr. Beaver , Mrs. Beaver
DATE: Jul 18, 2006
SUBJECT: Please Help!

Dear Friend,

In the name of Aslan, I thank you for reading this today. I am a poor Narnian living in Lantern Waste who, even three years after the Witch’s death, is still being terrorized by her minions, and I have been living in hiding for a very long time. However, just a few days ago, I was searching the Internet, and I came across this advertisement for a kit that is guaranteed to protect me from these neevils. But it is very expensive, and I simply do not have the money. I struck a deal with some friends to the South (I’m sorry, but they told me that they wished to remain anonymous and that I wasn’t to reveal their identities) in which everytime this e-mail was read and forwarded to someone else, I would receive a payment of 1 crescent from them that would go towards me obtaining this protection kit. And so, I am asking you now to please forward this message to everyone you know so that I can finally sleep at night. You would be helping me more than you could ever know. Thank you in advance, and may Aslan bless you in everything you do.

Your Friend in Need

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~ You won’t regret helping me! ~

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