My New Business (owner@thenarniapackrat.nrn)

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FROM: Teekinneek
TO: King Peter , Queen Susan , King Edmund , Queen Lucy
DATE: 2006-12-05 00:00:00.0
SUBJECT: My New Business

Greetings, your Majesties!

Having some trouble in your life that you just know you cannot fix on your own? Need to find the right tool to help you find the White Stag? Have a pesky Hag that you’d really like to get rid of? Feeling the coldness in the air that signifies that a long winter will be coming on? Well then, let me direct you to the web site of my recently opened business, in which you can find all your magical needs in one place! At www.thenarnianpackrat.nrn, we have everything you will need to solve any problem and more! I urge every one of you to simply take ten minutes out of your busy schedules to just log on to the web site and you will be amazed. You won’t even have to deal with those annoying popups or the worry of viruses; I guarantee complete protection of your computer. Oh yes, and please forward this on to everyone you know, so that the message of my business can be spread. Thank you, Kings and Queens, and have a wonderful day!


*As a final note, we also stock cures for a number of common illnesses and disorders, including, but not limited to: seasickness, limb/tail regeneration, de-dragonification, and food addictions.

~ The real pack rat of Narnia ~