Bumper Stickers – Writing Contest #28

Create a Narnian bumper sticker to go on your car…or your favorite Narnian character’s horsecart, perhaps?

Here a a few fun examples, some of which have appeared in other places (but please only enter one bumper sticker per entry. You can enter as many times as you like): My other car is a Narnian Flying Horse. I brake for Dryads. How’s my trotting? Dial 1-800-UNI-CORN

Honorable Mentions

The Horse and His Boy by sal
Narnia or Bust!

bumpersticker idea 2: by cherokee43v6
Okay, so mine are visuals.
On a sky blue field, a broken stone table, with the sun rising behind it.

Bumper Stickers by mar_girl
I’d rather be dancing with fauns.

Sledge by Squeaklebeep
My other car is a sledge.

Beavers by Squeaklebeep
I brake for beavers.

Bumper Sticker by Squeaklebeep
Narnia. It’s everywhere you want to be.

Drugs by Squeaklebeep
Narnia is my anti-drug.

Turkish Delight by Squeaklebeep
My mama always said life was like a box of Turkish Delight.

Turkish Delight 3 by Squeaklebeep
Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to Turkish Delight.

a ferryboat (viewed from behind) by red marauder
(in rather large letters): “IF YOU CAN READ THIS, YOU’RE TOO CLOSE! (you can never be too careful…life isn’t all fricaseed frog, and eel pie, you know!)”

Bree-hee by red marauder
if you can read this, flip me over

dawn treader by red marauder
end of the world, or bust!

(tacked to a giant’s heel) by red marauder
if you can read this, you’re too short!

the dawn treader by red marauder
I brake for sea-people

Warning by Scholar
Warning: Aslan may be bigger then He appears

The rebellion’s sticker by Alambil
Growl if you hate Jadis (but do it softly- the trees are listening)

Puzzle’s rear sticker by ILuvLucy
I left my licence plate on my lion’s skin.

Aslan by Rainbow Girl
Honk if you love Aslan.

on a subterranean ship by red marauder
if you can read this, you probably won’t be returning to the sunlit lands

Angry Driver?… by DantheMan
(On Jadis’s sleigh)
“If you even THINK about tailgating me…”

Reepicheep’s car by Laivine
If you don’t like the way I drive, you can challenge me to single combat.

The White Witch by Roonwit
got wand?

Jadis by Roonwit
Don’t mess with me,
I know the Deplorable Word!

Aslan by ChabeMica
SMILE! Aslan loves you! 🙂

Lasaraleen’s bumper sticker by jacques
Warning: this litter makes sharp turns, sudden stops for peasant girls to leap aboard and pack horses to be attached, frequently abstract changes in direction, and loud, obnoxious chit-chatting, dress-rustling, curtain-drawing noises. A 10-ft distance is advised; 20 ft if you want to avoid the crier.

Peter’s Fan Girls by Alambil
I am a proud member of the High King fan club

Edmunds Royal Carriage by Niffum
On the back of King Edmund’s royal carriage there are several bumperscrolls
#1-This is you brian # This is your brain on Turkish delight @. Any questions?

#2-A picture of the white witch with a red circle and line thru her face(No white wit`ches)

#3 and finally

LIfe Lessons by Jewel_Princess
Narnia: good to the last snowflake.

LIfe Lessons by Jewel_Princess
Warning: Witch driving, may turn to stone.

and the winner

Bumper Sticker by Marjan
My child is an Honor Student AND a King of Narnia!


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