Theme Parks – Writing Contest #33

What if you could design a Narnian theme park? What sort of rides or attractions would you feature? Write up an advertisement to draw people into your park.

Narnialand, the wonder of the world (possibly of all worlds?), will open to the public this December. Explore the snowy woods around the Lamppost, visit Tumnus’ Turkish Delight Stand, and zip through Underland in our exciting mine ride. Watch out for snakes!

Honorable Mentions

Deplorable WORLD by Clodsley Shovel
Strike the bell and bide the fun! Opening on the exact same day Prince Caspian comes out, enjoy a sleigh ride (don’t worry, no witches!) through the snow, a roller coaster through Puddleglum’s marsh, walk through the Stable door, test your strength with the bell and hammer, and a Talking Animal petting zoo, including Camillo the Hare, Clodsley Shovel the Mole, and Hogglestock the hedgehog! Plus, go swimming in the wood between the worlds! Come and join the fun!

The Park Between the Worlds by pittencream’s tale
Buy your yellow admission ticket and green exit form and come to the park between the worlds! mend nets inside arsheesh the fisherman’s hut, cool down on puzzle’s cauldron pool splash, and get your picture with swanwhite. If that’s not enough for you have a look at our replica silver sea, but don’t even bother to check, our water is not sweet.

Lion Land – The Wonder of All Worlds! by EarthlyNarnian
Come to Lion Land, the home of Aslan! Feast at Tumnus’ Tea Room, Edmund’s Turkish Delight Stand, The Beaver’s Fish Fry or Jadis’ Frozen Treats. Ride Aslan’s breath, row underground on the Sunless Sea, climb the trees in Lantern Waste, or raft on the Frozen River. There are plenty of fencing and archery contests and and horse races galore; you can’t miss the Desert Chase or the Run From the Lion, featuring world famous Bree and Hwin and their riders Shasta and Aravis. The petting zoo has everything from donkeys to lions and mice – we recommend caution and respect with both animals. Booths sell souvenirs of all sorts – scarves, green and yellow rings, armor, toy ships, and solid gold men, shoes and spears. The castle building contest is a must-see annual event – past winners include Caspian the Conqueror for Miraz’s Castle, Jadis for Ice Palace, and Anonymous for Cair Paravel. And a walk through The Garden will restore your energy after an exhilarating day. Need help? Our centaur, satyr, faun and dwarf guides are all around, just waiting for you to ask. (Note: never ask the centaurs for rides.) Located in Aslan’s Country, with entrances at the Stable, the Silver Sea and the School Wall.

and the winner

NarniaWorld by Hermit of the Northern March
After more than fifty years wait since the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe was published a daring group of Narnian’s have finally invented NarniaWorld the only Narnian amusement park of it’s kind! One of our most popular rides, The Eustace Flying Dragon takes you to all the islands that the famous Dawn Treader visited. If you kave an inkling to do such we have extravagant gorge climbing and giantish mattresses so you will not break your neck if you fall. Rock climbing is bound to make you hungry so sit down at the banquet hall of cair paravel and let us serve you. Enjoy appetizers of all sorts of cheeses followed by a main coure of pavender and roast pheasant. Have eel stew and tofee fruit. For dessert we have a gloriously sticky marmalade roll or roast apple. Amoung our many sports are archery, snowball dances, and chess. Stop by our gift shop for replicas of crowns costume and souveniers!
#1 Buy our Antlantean dust and throw some on the back of a wardrobe, Narnian like picture, or other Narnian like object and step inside, (one time use only).
#2 Try our yearly season pass! Conveniently in green and yellow ring format. (Note: if you choose this way do not be frightened if you come into a green wood with many pools, this is a common malfunction.)
Warning: do not come to NarniaWorld if you are afraid of talking animals in general or allergic to fur.
Caution: Always read the fine print.


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