Narnian Games – Writing Contest #34

Invent a game based on Narnia that could be played by children in our world. The game must be easy to play and understand. These entries may be used in the Teacher Resources section, for an upcoming Narnia convention, etc. All entries become property of The Lion’s Call. (No Narnian Freeze Tag please. We’d like more unique ideas.)

Pin the Tail on Reepicheep Create a large poster of Reepicheep without his tail. Use pieces of string for the tails. Blindfold children and let them try to pin the tail on the Reepicheep poster. The child who gets the tail closest to the X on the poster, where the tail is supposed to be attached, wins.

Judge’s Note: We had one or two very involved entries, but ultimately I chose the games that I thought were the easiest to play. Enjoy!

Honorable Mentions

Drinian by salamander-of-bism
In Drinian, one person is the leader, or ‘Drinian’. Drinian shouts any of the following orders:
Hit the deck! (Drop to floor)
To your posts! (Switch places with someone)
Dufflepud! (Hop on 1 foot)
Whirlpool! (Spin around in circles)
Report to captain! (Run to leader)
Deathwater Island! (Everyone freezes)
You can definitely make your own!

The Blowing of the Horn by Clodsley Shovel
four to five people can play this game. First, make a horn out of newspaper or cardboard and tape together. Then have someone, with the horn, stand at the end of your backyard while the others stand at the beginning of your front yard. Set up obstacles such as cones, tires, and hurtles. When the person at the backyard blows the horn, the others have thirty seconds to get to him or her and dodge the obstacles. The one who gets there in less than thirty seconds wins.

Caught On A Hook Halfway by Dearheart
Put a big hook in a wall…one that can catch rings…and grab some plastic rings (the kind you’d use in a normal ring-toss). Make several small pictures of Rabadash and tape one securely to each ring. When you’re finished, throw the rings and try to get Rabadash “caught” on the hook. (Feel free to shout “The bolt of Tash falls from above!” in the process.) 🙂

and the winner

Make the Wiggle Smile by Dearheart
The object is simple: make the Grumpy Marshwiggle smile. Choose one person to be the Grumpy Marshwiggle, then have the others try to make him smile. You can pull silly faces, make funny noises, etc…but no poking or tickling allowed!


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