Limericks – Writing Contest #36

Write a Narnian limerick. A traditional limerick is set up with its syllables as follows:

1) – / – – / – – /
2) – / – – / – – /
3) – / – – /
4) – / – – /
5) – / – – / – – /

But we won’t be too picky as long as it sounds good and lines 1, 2, and 5 rhyme; and lines 3 and 4 rhyme. Have fun!

An ape and a donkey one day Caught sight of a thing far away: A great lion’s skin. They dragged it back in Not knowing the price they would pay.

Honorable Mentions

Lucy enters Narnia by Miss Pretty pretty
A girl through a wordrobe did stray When she opend the door she did say:
Here is a lamp.
Through the snow I will tramp
For I can get back the same way.

Bree’s Tail of Woe by Christabelle of Felimath
There once was a horse full of pride;
And a boy that he taught how to ride.
They got along fine,
Until Hwin crossed a line,
Now Bree’s raggedy tail he must hide.

Puddleglum by Christabelle of Felimath
A Marshwiggle sat by the bay;
He said ‘I guess it’ll rain today.’
So he went back inside,
For the time to abide;
But not a drop of rain fell, by the way!

and the winner

always winter by mar_girl
The evil White Witch said one day,
“I have had enough of warm May.
I shall wave my wand
and freeze up the pond
under snow then will Narnia lay.”


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