Narnian Proverbs – Writing Contest #41

Write a Narnian proverb such as those we see in the Horse and His Boy and The Silver Chair. Add to yours the type of species that might have originated the expression, as I did in some of those above.

“Easily in but not easily out, as the lobster said in the lobster pot.” “Nests before eggs.” “Come live with me and you’ll know me.” “See the bear in his own den before you judge of his conditions.” “A beggar’s only difficulty about riding is that he has no horse.” “Bright mornings bring on wet afternoons.” – Marsh-wiggle “You can’t expect good times to last.” – Marsh-wiggle “Application to business is the root of prosperity, but those who ask questions about things that do not concern them are steering the ship of folly towards the rock of indolence.” – Calormene

Honorable Mentions

The popular Edmund proverb by Blanche
“A boy and his Turkish Delight are not easily parted.”

Grass by Aslan’s Lamb
You don’t appreciate grass until it’s covered by snow.
-Talking horses

Jill… by Sophia
Pride comes before fall… Eustace’s fall, that is!

A Narnian Proverb by Miss Pretty pretty
“Never Judge a Mouse by his tail”.

The White Witches Proverb about children by Miss Pretty pretty
“One Child is company, Three Children a crowd, Four Children to many and Five are not allowed”.~ The White Witch

A Proverb for Little Narnians by Miss Pretty pretty
“Keep on the path and don’t stop and talk to strang Fauns”. ~ Narnian Mothers

jumping dufflepuds by bean
“A jumpind dufflepud gathers no moss.”

Saying from the Golden Age. by Narnian Girl
Judge carefully people in white.

Bulgy Bear Proverb by Preciousjewl
“Better to suck your paws, then to not and never experience the bliss of doing so.”

don’t count your eggs by Lil_Princess
Count not your offspring, before there hatched.

A Tribute to the Would-be Conquerors of Narnia: by Lionheart
A wise man becomes a king, but a fool is one who tangles with lions.

Lone Island Proverb by kev
Fools figure and figures fool.

Archenlandian Proverb by Desert Crossing
You cannot plant flowers and expect not to get your hands dirty. – Archenlander

Thankfulness by QueenSwanwhite
Think twice about what words you say, it may destroy more than you know.

How To Deal With War by Galadriel
Win like you are used to it. Lose like it’s a good change.

A Telmarine Saying by Rana
If men were meant to explore the sea, they would have flippers.

The Jackdaw and the Centaur by Rana
Babble like the Jackdaw and you’ll be the joke. But nobody laughs at the solemn Centaur.

Rishda Proverb by LucyWannabe

“Always believe in who you call on”~Rishda

Knowledge by CoriaKing
Knowledge is like a sword, the sharper it gets, the more battles you’ll win.

Mouse by Daughter of Aslan
Before you question a mouse, make sure it doesn’t have a sword handy

proverb by Pocketses
“You can always tell someone your name again if they forget, you know.” -marsh wiggle

Marsh-Wiggle by Will
Dancing giants lead to crushed wigwams

Mice by Will
A mice with no tail is no mouse

Proverb from the Silver Chair by jacques
Better a captive in the Deep Realm than a manpie in Harfang.

Proverb from the Silver Chair by jacques
The best water comes from Aslan’s country.

Proverb from the Silver Chair by jacques
A witch and her silver chair are not easily parted.

Proverb from the Silver Chair by jacques
A cat is like a lion, or a lamp is like the sun, in the way that Experiment House is like Narnia.

Proverb from the Silver Chair by jacques
The surest way to stay out of trouble during the day is to be an owl.

Proverb from the Silver Chair by jacques
You can cure a quarrel in the time it takes to finish a peppermint.

Proverb from the Silver Chair by jacques
Beware of a bridge that hasn’t been used in a long time by its builder.

Proverb from the Silver Chair by jacques
You can’t always tell a Narnian knight by the color of his armor

Proverb from the Silver Chair by jacques
Don’t believe everything you hear with a trilled “r.”

and the winner

Dwarves by Will
A Centaur for dinner means empty cupboards at breakfast


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