Ideas – Writing Contest #42

My brain had gone quite dead and I find myself at a loss to think of new contests for the Writing Contest section. So…I’m going to let you do it for me. Remember that the writing prompt should be short and clear, and should encourage responses that are relatively short, and usually funny. I’ll make use of my favorites. Make sure it’s an idea we haven’t used before!

Write an advertisement for a Narnian personal ad. Write a character’s letter to C.S. Lewis. Invent a Narnian proverb. Make sure to include the species or race that might make use of it. Submit each idea SEPARATELY please.

Honorable Mentions

…For everything else… by Petraverd
…There’s Mastercard. Credit card commercials, Narnian style! Priceless.

the missed island by puzzle
write a discription of an island that the Dawn Treader missed.

ben’s revenge on william by Gwendolen of Beruna
Think of a trick for Ben Barnes to play on William Moseley in revenge for the orange soda stunt!!

and the winner

Soundtrack words by Some Narnian
Write words for a tune on the Narnian soundtrack. Be sure to specify witch one!


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