New Year’s Resolutions – Writing Contest #47

Write out a New Year’s resolution for a Narnian character.

I resolve to make it over the border next year. I always get my sled stuck in the mountain pass between Archenland and Narnia, but next year, I’m going to make it! I’ve had a little chat with Aslan and He tells me that the time is ripe. Next year, it’s Narnia or bust! Father Christmas

Honorable Mentions

A Wiggle’s Wish by Lys Aranel
This year I resolve to be more frolicsome.
I will take dance lessons and practice smiling more.
Though, as usual, my resolution will never happen. Even if I tried, the school would be closed, like as not, and the teachers all gone, and as for smiling, everyone knows I’ll break the mirror right before I try, and then it’s seven years’ bad luck, they say.
Still, must keep up my spirits. It won’t matter what I do, anyway, what with the giants invading any day now…

The Bulgy Bear by Preciousjewl
*In a very sleepy and droopy voice*

“I Bulgy Bear do resolve not to suck my paws, even a night when I get sleepy. I also resolve not to suck my paws when on important business, or when talking to someone.”

(Two minutes later Bulgy is sucking his paws)
“You don’t think I’d actually KEEP that resolve, do you? Bulgy Bears were meant to suck their paws, I say”

Always room for improvement, darling (even if you’ by Lasaraleen
This year I resolve to buy the MOST FASHIONABLE dress the MOMENT I see it, and to take EVERY OPPORTUNITY to speak with any handsome young man at a dinner party (or anywhere, for that matter! *giggle*); to buy four new slaves (all strong and handsome enough to be seen carrying my litter!), to get a new litter, to find out what REALLY happened to Prince Rabadash when he was in the terrible country up north, to find out what happened to that poor girl…what’s her name? Aravin? Aravil? (and to remember her name). To learn how to be more flirtatious (I heard that Ahoshta’s neice is quite the expert on that), to memorize my entire family lineage so I can impress my more intellectual handsome guests, to teach my monkey to throw dates at the guests who come that I don’t particularly like, to buy a new dress every week (or day, if possible!), and to work like mad until I’m utterly perfect in every way (shouldn’t take too long, darling! *giggle* I’m SO close already).

Lasaraleen Tarkheena of Mezreel, Calormen

New Year’s in Calormen by Scholar
I resolve not to fall in love with barbarian queens, go to war with Northern nations even though I may have the advantage, and I will not insult their talking demon lion. I further resolve to treat all donkeys with great respect and proclaim them sacred animals.

A Lady’s Resolution by Scholar
I resolve not to capture any princes, no matter how charming, enchant them, and try using him to take over his kingdom. Furthermore, I resolve not to send three travelers toward the next sign even though it is for all intents and purposes a death trap, and I resolve /not/ to transform into a snake to strangle said prince when he breaks free of my enchantment.
~Lady of the Green Kirtle

An Edmund Resolution by ~Stonefire~
Next time I go to Narnia, I resolve to NOT forget my new torch. It’s costing a bucket load to keep replacing them, and my parents are starting to get suspicious…

and the winner

Resolution of a Star’s Daughter by Lirenel
This year, I resolve to tell Caspian my name. I think it would make a good seventh anniversary present for him.

…Now if only I could remember what it is.


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