Narnian Haiku – Writing Contest #48

A haiku is a type of poem with three lines, each with a certain number of syllables. The first and last lines have five each, and the middle has seven. Create a haiku with a Narnian theme – whether it’s serious or silly, have fun with it!

A few examples: A fierce warrior Reepicheep, loyal and true But… he is a mouse! In the midst of lies The Last King of Narnia Stays true to Aslan.

Honorable Mentions

Victory by Knight of Narnia
The Stone Table cracked
The Lion rose in vict’ry
No more stone statues

Bulgy Bear Does It Again by Aslan’s~Star*
Sucking on his paws
As innocent as can be
Annoying Trumpkin!

Aslan is on the move by Aliea
When the lion comes,
the seasons change from winter,
to a joyus spring.

Ramandu’s Daughter by Aliea
when Caspian came
I had forgoten my name
Ramandu’s Daughter

Dwarfs by Aslan’s Lamb
Once they’ve been betrayed
Rejecting His grace,
they say
Dwarfs are for the dwarfs

The Bulgy Bear by Ellie Brandybuck
The golden honny
Like a drop of the sunshine
Makes my paw taste good.

Marshwiggle by LC
Morbid and depressed
He seems, and yet quite content.
That’s our Puddleglum.

and the winner

“When Aslan shakes his mane…” by Ariel_of_Narnia
Flowers will spring up,
The bluebirds will sweetly sing,
And winter will die.


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