A Narnian’s Diary – Writing Contest #50

We all know that Eustace kept a diary while he was on board the Dawn Treader… but what about the other characters we met? Did they ever keep a diary? And if they did, what might they have written in it? Pick a Narnian, and write an entry from their diary.

Dear Diary, Wet today. Very wet. It rained and rained and rained all day long, and then as if to add insult to injury we had some terrible losses in today’s battle. It was all that Giant’s fault. And then just when me and all the other Mice had finally started to dry off from all the rain, he started to cry because he knew it was his fault, and he didn’t even /notice/ he was doing so right on top of us! My rapier will never recover from all this water. Soggily, Reepicheep

Honorable Mentions

Mullugutherum’s Diary by salamander-of-bism
Dear Diary,
Found three overworlders today. Brought them back here to the Castle, of course, as the Queen has us do with all of them. Very nosy and inquisitive they were, I must add. As I was passing the Honorable Prince’s chamber on the way to the dungeons, he had me bring them up, and had supper with them. I can’t imagine what the Queen will do to me when she finds that they weren’t locked up promptly until she returned. Well, good night. I must retire to my cot, as there is another hard day’s work tomorrow. Many sink down to the Underworld, and few return to the sunlit lands.

P.S. Hullo, I’ve just heard a great crash and a bang! Come to think of it, I haven’t had a dance or let of a squib for a long time! By Bism, I must have been enchanted! Good-bye!

Written in green ink in a swirly, curly hand… by Jacques
Dearrrrr diarrrrrry,

Went to Witch School today and learned how to turn myself into a snake. It was ssssoooooo easy, I should think even a common hag should be able to do it! I dont know whether or not it will prrrrrrrove useful, as I plan on going into fashion design and advanced inter-world politics after getting my degrrrrree in bewitchment, but Ill keep it handy just in case, lalalala! After class I bought myself a new drrrress. Had a hard time deciding between green and black, but eventually chose green, to match my necklace, shoes, nail polish, earrrrrrrrings, and scarf.

I have to go prrrrractice the lute nowBorrrrrrrring! But after that, Mummy has promised to take me to a rrrrrreenactment of the White Ladys (as Mummy says, WE call herrrr thatthough I think its rrrather silly) conquest of Narrrrrrnia. I perrrsonally have a low opinion of herrrimagining allowing yourself to be overthrown by a cat!and I think white is a dreadful colorrr for witches, but I do rrrather fancy her silverrrr thrrrrone. Perrrhaps I can talk Mummy into getting me one next yearrrr.

The Witch of the Grrrrreen Kirrrrrdle

The really important things. by Proffessor Cornelius
Dear Diary,
Today I found the most wonderful dress! It is in the abwsolutely newest style! It is better than any other dress I have bought. Even beter than the one I bought yesterday! (and the day before that, and the day before that..) I am sure it will finally let me catch the eye of that darling Prince Rabadash! I’m so exited!!!!!
Still beautiful,
P.S. Oh yes. I almost forgot. My friend Aravis turned up as a beggar, and I helped her break the law, snuck in the Palace and overheard the Tisroc’s evil plans. But what’s that next to a new dress?

Mrs. Beaver’s Diary by abbster7
Dear Diary,
Well, Beaver’s done it again! He neglected fixing the hole in our home (the one the wolves made), and instead met Badger for a game of cards…make that 12 games. Meanwhile, I swept the floor with my tail. It is now sore. (Note to self: don’t sweep floor with tail.) Then I chatted with Mrs. Tuna. She said some baby tunas were on the way! Queen Lucy has invited Beaver and myself to a brunch tommorrow…I’m very excited! But, also nervous that Beaver will make a fool of himself. I’ll write more later, but I have to much to do!
Busy-Bee Mrs. Beaver

and the winner

Trumpkin’s Journal by Lucy P.
2nd of Wintertide, Year of the Lion 2356

I saw Caspian off today. He’s too old to be gallivanting off the edge of the world again, but he would have nothing else. Frankly, I’m worried about him. May the Lion protect him.

Two kids turned up on the castle grounds today. One’s name was Useless and the other was skinny. I offered to let them stay here. They are both dreadfully soft-spoken; I couldn’t hear a word they said all through dinner.

One minute…

An owl was flip-flapping at my window. When I opened it he got even more flustered than owls usually are. After a lot of twittering and hooting he said that he was sorry for disturbing me but he had mistaken my window for someones else’s. Bah.


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