Panic! – Writing Contest #54

Write a short scene in which a Narnian character suddenly panics. Preference given to humorous entries.

Eustace awoke suddenly in a cold sweat. His eyes darted back and forth across his moonlight room in Harold and Alberta’s house. He groped for the book on his bedside table, feeling it’s embossed cover. A proper storybook. He’d been dreaming of books with pictures of fat foreign children, and books on bug collecting, again. “Just a dream,” he sighed in relief. “It was onky a dream.”

Honorable Mentions

Eustace’s Scissors Scare by Tarwe, the Narnian Elf
Eustace stifled a shriek. He could feel his heart pounding and a tremble in his hands. After he realized that he was still in his own room, he took a quick glance at his cousin Edmund. Edmund Pevensie and his sister Lucy were visiting Eustace for several weeks. After deciding that Edmund was still sleeping, Eustace slipped out from under the sheets and stealthily tip-toed across the carpet to his desk. He turned on the desk lamp and looked into a mirror hanging on the wall.
“Eustace Clarence Scrubb, you’ve got to get a grip on yourself,” he said to his reflection. Taking another look at his slumbering cousin, Eustace continued in a whisper, “What if that prig Ed had heard you screeching like a girl? Maybe I should stop reading about bald, fat, foreign children right before bed… Anyway, there’s only one thing to do.”
Eustace quietly opened one of the drawers of the desk. It was full of all sorts of supplies, as Eustace did his school and pinned dead bugs on cards and other such things at this desk. His fingers traveled over a bottle of paste, one of his many notebooks, then… He shuddered as his hand grasped cold steel. Slowly he pulled out a pair of scissors.
“No more clipping noises from you!” he whispered savagely.
Dropping the ill-fated tool into the waste basket, Eustace flew back to his bed as speedily as his puny legs could go and cowered under the blankets.

Caspian and Susan grieving for each other by Aslan’s friend
Caspian looks over the side of the boat. His reflection stares up at him. “If only it was Susan’s face that stared up at me this moment!” he says a bit too loudly.
Edmund walks up to him and looks down where Caspian is staring. “Don’t worry. I read ahead to the Last Battle and…”
(wherever Susan is) Susan stares at her pocket hand mirror. “Peter? Will I ever see Caspian again?” she asks over her shoulder.
“Nope.” Peter replies smoothly. “When Ed and I read ahead in the Last Battle we found out that…”

Here, There, and Everywhere! by Reepicheep, Knight of Narnia
Shasta shouldered his way through the crowded streets of Tashbaan. He was just thinking of how nice it would be to have this city behind him, when suddenly he gasped. Was that Arsheesh?! What was he doing here? There was no time to think about that. Suppose Arsheesh saw him? Shasta did the only thing he could. He jerked Bree’s head so that it covered his face. Bree couldn’t help but to grumble quietly about this rather painful surprise. Cautiously, Shasta looked around Bree’s nose. Arsheesh was gone.
A little while later, Shasta noticed that Aravis and Hwin were lagging behind. He turned to tell them to hurry. Suddenly, he bumped into someone ahead of him.
“Sorr-” he began but stopped when he saw that it was Arsheesh!
“Boy, don’t you ever watch where you’re going?” Arsheesh said angrily.
Shasta was hemmed in by Arsheesh, Bree, and a low wall. He dropped Bree’s lead rope, grabbed the wall, and was about to climb over when:
“Father, are you coming?” The question was asked by a boy of Shasta’s age.
Arsheesh looked in the boy’s direction, then addressed Shasta:
“You’d better be glad that I’m not my brother Arsheesh. If I was, you would have regretted your negligence.”
Then “Arsheesh” stumped off. Shasta breathed a sigh of relief as he leaned against the wall.

and the winner

Muddlegrim’s Awful Moment of Euphoria by salamander-of-bism
It was Queen Lucy’s June birthday party, and a feast began in the late afternoon. Inside Cair Paravel, flowers perfumed the air. Bright streamers and banners fluttered in a warm breeze. Happy children of Narnians laughed and ran about, and a butterfly fluttered along the length of one of the great wooden tables. Finally, it was all too much for Muddleggrim the marshwiggle. Pushing back his chair, he ran for a door with his head in his hands. ‘I can’t take it anymore,’ he moaned, leaning against a wall outside, trying to get his perspective on life back to a grimmer, more reasonable level. ‘All those flowers and sunshine! My spirits were higher than the clouds there for a moment, and – and – I almost ENJOYED it! Too much!” he sobbed. “Think dragons, Muddlegrim, dragons and doom.”


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