Gifts! – Writing Contest #56

It is Christmastime, and Narnians all over are probably hurrying about trying to find gifts for their loved ones. Write a short segment of what you think that might be like.

It was too late. Aravis tried to hide, but ever-watchful Lasaraleen had already spotted her. She cried out in a high, excited voice, and Aravis had no choice but to stop. ”Darling! What a wonderful surprise! Why, I was just-“ her voice faltered as her gaze drifted onto the small beaded bag that Aravis vainly tried to hide behind her back. She laughed. Aravis moaned. ”Why, Aravis!” Lasaraleen shook her head sadly. What is that horrid little thing in your hand? You do not honestly intend to buy that thing, do you? Or, maybe you already have? The colors do not go together. Last year, maybe.” She smiled sweetly. Aravis looked down at her hand, her cheeks going red. She had only just bought it as a gift for Las herself.

Honorable Mentions

The Best Present of All by Aslan’s Breath
It was Christmas morning, and for the first time in at least four years, Edmund was the first one awake. He opened up a drawer in his bedside table and quickly took out a small, relatively heavy parcel that was rather crudely wrapped. Studying it for a moment, he painstakingly examined the many creases and crooked flaps of paper that he had severely pinned down with tape. Oh well. With his poor wrapping skills, it was the best he could do. Anyway, it was the thought that counts. Pacified a little by this thought, he hopped out of bed and padded across the hall to Lucys bedroom. Planting a few firm raps on the bedroom door, he swung it open with a shrill squeak. Merry Christmas, Lu! he sang merrily to a half-asleep, bleary eyed Lucy. He grinned when his youngest sister responded with a yawn. Ed, she moaned sleepily, What are /you/ doing up so early? Do you know what /time/ it is? Edmund, still grinning, sat down on Lucys bed. Time for me to give you this. He proudly presented the parcel to Lucy, whoafter taking a minute or two to rub the sleep from her eyessmiled down at the small bundle of red paper resting in her lap. Casting her brother a look of sparkly-eyed excitement, she gingerly untied the green ribbon. After taking a few minutes to struggle with the paper*My, Edmund really went heavy on the tape this year, bless him,* Lucy thought with a smileshe uncovered a small book. The cover was worn from much use, and the water-damaged pages crackled threateningly as she opened it. Its Dads old pocket bible, Edmund explained sheepishly, anxiously watching his sisters expression as she studied the pages, He carried it with him in the war& As Lucy looked up at him and smiled, her mouth open to express her thanks, Edmund pointed to a small crimson ribbon that stuck out between the pages. Thats not all, Lu. Open it up to the place I marked. He added quickly, I found something that I very much want you to see. A little confused, Lucy opened the book to the page Edmund had indicated. There, Lucy saw a passage that Edmund had circled with pencil. Next to the passage, in the margin of the page, Edmund had inscribed one word: Aslan. Cocking an eyebrow confusedly, Lucy read the passage aloud, &Then one of the elders said to me, Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals. Lucy grinned, shaking with excitement. She looked up at Edmund, who had tears in his eyes. You found Him, Edmund! Lucy whispered softly, beaming from ear to ear as she flung her arms around her brothers neck, You found Aslans other name! This is the best Christmas present ever! Thank you, Edmund! Edmund grinned with pleasure as Lucy squeezed him tight. Glad you like it, Lu. Now if you could please let me breathe& Of course, Lucy replied, casting Edmund an apologetic look for her energetic burst of enthusiasm, sorry. Sitting back on her heels, Lucy was silent for a moment, looking at the ceiling, not doubt contemplating something. To think that He willingly came to give us life& She mused, looking back down at Edmund. The two smiled at each other as Edmund, ruffling Lucys hair, said, I daresay, Lu, that /He/ is the best present of all.

Mr. Tumnus’s Father by Dannni
“I really out to clean up more often,” muttered William Tumnus as he pushed unnecessary junk off the table vainly searching for his son’s Christmas gift. He had purchased it in May and put it away for safe keeping. Now the question was were was he safely keeping it? He had looked everywhere on the mantle, in the dresser, and literally everywhere in the study. He stammed his foot and flopped down in his chair only to stand up in pain. he removed the couch cushion to find the present beneath it. He opened the wooden case and ran his hand over the marvelous flute. His son had been hinting he wanted one forever and Mr. Tumnas smiled imagining his son playing it someday when he was older. He closed the case and tied the most marvelous bow around it. His son would be thrilled.

Caught in the Act by Stonefire
The fire crackled and snapped, singing its own song to the Christmas Eve night. The room still carried the sweet scent of berries and cider, one of little Meepiceeps favorite parts about the holiday, and twelve small stockings hung upon the wall in the hopes that Father Christmas would pay them all a visit while they slept. However, the little mouse could do anything but sleep.
He wasnt sure where, exactly, the idea to fill his siblings stockings with coal came about, but in his mind their reactions were priceless. He simply could not pass up such an opportunity.
So, he sneaked through the house with his small, tattered pail filled with coal and rocks (mostly rocks, but he figured that they would do the trick just as nicely), and began to plop each rock individually into the stockings, stifling small giggles as he did so. Meepiceep was so consumed in his work that he failed to notice the sound of the silver bells approach and come to an end, the soft creak of the door opening, and the dull patter of boots against the frozen ground. What he did hear, however, made his hand come to an abrupt halt as it headed for the small bucket: the clearing of a throat. He carefully turned around and was embarrassed out of his whiskers to see Father Christmas himself looking at him with a gaze partly filled with disappointment and partly with amusement.
The old man hid the smile from his voice as he leaned down to look the little one in the eye. Meepiceep&what are you doing?
He tried to find his voice and shifted slightly, though still glued to his spot. I was&um&
Just running along to bed? Father Christmas finished for him.
The little mouse nodded hurriedly. Oh, yes! That was it. Im glad you reminded me, he agrees, swallowing. Taking his small bucket, he rushes from the room with his tale in between his legs. Father Christmas chuckles lightly, keeping the rocks in the stockings and labeling them Skipping Stones, using a bit of magic to smooth out their edges and to remove the coal. He then proceeds to lay out the different gifts, places a basket of fresh fruit on the kitchen table, and steps out into the cold night once again.
Meepiceep decides it best to play things cool in the morning and act surprised when his siblings pull out the rocks. To his chagrin, the rocks had been transformed into beautiful skipping stones, and each stocking was filled with them&all except his, that is. When he went to check inside of his stocking, there was a little note that read, Christmas is a time for forgiveness, Little One. Look in the bucket, and a small sack of freshly made caramel corn. He ran to their room and took out the hidden bucket, only to find that those rocks had been transformed as well! He gave an excited whoop and scurried out to compare them with the others. His parents shared a slightly confused look, but shrugged lightly and munched happily on the fruit.

and the winner

Of Silver Boxes and Green Ribbons by Ariel_of_Narnia
It was bright and beautiful Christmas Eve morn when Tumnus stretched on the guest room bed. The just-rising sun touched his covers through the frosted Cair window. He sighed contentedly and snuggled into his mattress. That is, until a horrible thought popped into his curly head: he had forgotten King Edmund’s gift back home in his cave! The faun leapt out of bed and proceeded to pace back and forth, back and forth, holding onto his horns for dear life. Something Queen Lucy once told him rushed to his mind and he relaxed a little. It was still early; he didnt think it likely that their majesties would be up just yet. He lightly trotted down the halls until he reached the library. He rushed through the books, looking desperately for the one thing that could save his Christmas. At last, he found it. He tucked his finger into the pages to mark the spot before trotting down to the royal kitchen. Tea, Tumnus? the cook asked. Tumnus shook his head. He hopped from one hoof to another as he laid the book in front of the cook. Do you think you could make this? he asked, pointing to a page. Its an emergency, see. Whatever do you need this for? the cook asked, bewildered. The faun lowered his voice, Its for King Edmund. If they could have, the cooks eyebrows would have hit the ceiling, but he turned his attention to the book nonetheless. Ill do it, Tumnus, just because youre a friend. Tumnus sighed in relief and exited the kitchen. Now he just had to find some attractive wrappings… a silver box and green ribbon, perhaps. Tisnt near as good as what I had at home, he mumbled to himself, but Turkish Delights got to be better than nothing.


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