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Why Did It Have to Be Snakes? – Writing Contest #57

Phobias. Everyone has them. Even the most stalwart and sensible are not exempt from paralyzing and irrational fears. Write a short scene in which a Narnian character inadvertently reveals his or her secret phobia.

“The freshest carrots and thistles…” Rabadash suppressed a scream–which would have been a bray if he had let it out–and appeased his feelings instead with a kick that nearly knocked down the most convenient guard. Trembling all over, he glared at King Lune with limpid brown eyes and all the ferocity he could muster. They’d assumed he merely felt insulted, but when three days had gone by and he had sent six of his loyal servants to the infirmary, the rest of them began to suspect something darker. But it wasn’t until after the transformation at the Autumn Festival that they discovered why terror had shone from his eyes every day at lunchtime. And it wasn’t until after Rabadash had raged and stormed for hours that the Tisroc remembered his son’s debilitating fear of thistles.

Honorable Mentions

Anniversary Shock by Ariel_of_Narnia
Aranel, former princess of Archenland but now the ten-year queen of Narnia, gently removed her favourite gown from the wardrobe, the one she hadnt worn for some years. The bright green silk gave her a feeling of pleasure& and yet, something nagged at her, but she couldnt place what it was. She pushed away that one shadow of thought as she prepared for her anniversary dinner. A dryad servant came in to do her hair.

Ten years have flown by so quickly, Aranel told her.

And yet happily, the dryad smiled. You have had the best years of your lives. May the ones to follow be even better!

Thank you, the queen answered. She rose with a light swish of her gown. Is all ready?

Yes, your majesty, the dryad said. He awaits you in the dining hall.

Aranel glided out of the room and made her way down to where her husband waited. Two fauns opened the doors that lead into the candlelit room where a handsome, fair-haired man stood alone. For a brief moment, she saw his eyes alight and a glowing smile on his face; but his fair face immediately paled after that one second. His hand slowly reached for his sword, but his eyes rolled back and his knees crumpled from under him. Aranel and the two fauns rushed into the room.

Rilian dear! Whats the matter? Are you ill? she cried. She held his head in her lap, wondering at the sudden faint.

When he recovered, he looked at her with terror-stricken eyes. Only then did she remember his passionate fear  did she dare say hatred?  of poison green.

Home Alone by Ariel_of_Narnia
Lasaraleen was out of the house for the evening, attending another party goodness-knew-where. Aravis had truly enjoyed the bath and comfortable mattress she now lay upon, but they were not just icons of comfort for her: they were her protection. She had lingered as long as she dared in the tub, did her best to hurry her supper with Las, and jumped into the bed the moment her hostess left. Aravis was indeed very tired after her weeks-long journey. She shuddered at the sight of the screeching ball of fur that hurled itself from pillar to canopy to cushion and burrowed herself further under the covers. Of all the annoying things about Lasaraleen, she bemoaned her woes to herself, that monkey is certainly the worst.

Gigantiphobia by Danni
Polly stepped back in shock at the size of the frightening stranger. Diggory squeezed her hand gently. Ever since their adventure in Narnia Polly had been frightened by tall people. The stranger reached out to shake her hand. Polly ran for her life screaming.
“I’m sorry,” apologized Diggory.”She is not herself…I’ll be right back.” Diggory found Polly cowering in the corner of the spare room behind the wardrobe. It took some time for him to coax her out. It took some time but eventually they returned to the party.

and the winner

Turkish Scare by Caspian’s Princess
“Edmund!” called Mrs. Pevensie, “Come taste this. I think you might like it.” Edmund poked his head into the kitchen. “What is it, Mum?” “Some Turkish Delight…I got the recipie from the library.” Edmund passed out. “Edmund? Ed? Eddy Dear?” cried Mrs. Pevensie dropping to her son’s side. Peter walked by. “He’ll be fine,” Peter laughed, “Just say they’re not enchanted.”


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