Encyclopedic Entries – Writing Contest #59

We know the Narnians had books; by extension, they probably had encyclopedias. But since Lewis (to the best of our knowledge) never wrote one, we’re free to imagine. So: imagine an entry in a Narnian encyclopedia and write it down. Humorous preferred, though we’ll give special attention to exceptionally well-done serious entries.

Neevil: An ancient legend which, according to some scholars, originates from the beginning of the world. It is said to be a fearsome monster, resembling in many ways a drooping tree; its signature call is “Brandy”. Some scholars believe it may be related to the Tree-People. However this may be, it is now extinct. It is believed that only one of its kind ever existed; this phenomenon has not yet been explained. See also “Second Joke”.

Honorable Mentions

White Stag by Luthien
An extremely light colored stag that is rumored to grant wishes when caught. Also rumored to be faster than a horse and immortal. It is a widely held belief that this animal was once a brown stag but was subjected to intense snow burial multiple times during the hundred year winter when its fur was eventually dyed white by the snow. This legend also states that the name “white stag” originated from the fact that it was white by the time it’s most notorious adventure took place. See also “Spare Oom,” “War Drobe,” “Hunting Parties,” and “Golden Age.”

Narnian Food by Ariel_of_Narnia
Eel Stew: This dish is a staple of the Marshwiggle diet. The eels are first caught in the marshes south of the River Shribble. Skinned and mixed in a pot with various spices, the eels are a favourite amongst the Marshwiggles. The stew is decribed as “filling and delicious” with, of course, added Marshwiggle pessimism: “though it will upset the rate of digestion, I shouldn’t wonder” (source: article “An Interview with Puddleglum”). Though some consumers of this dish may consider it unfit for any but the Marshwiggles, some humans have found it much to their liking (see Eustace Clarence Scrubb and Jill Pole) (source: biography/history book “The Silver Chair”).

Marshal of the Lists by Never2old4Narnia
This ancient and honorable position belongs to those who stnad near the area of single combat and guard the combatants against treachery. Traditionally, three marshals are chosen from each combatant’s forces. One stands at each corner of the lists, and the other two guard the sides of the square not occupied by spectators. It has been a tradition in Narnia for many years that a Talking Bear should always be one of those to hold this privileged position, though some have protested this on the grounds that Talking Bears are known for such embarrassing behavior as sucking their paws when sleepy or nervous. Nevertheless, the tradition continues, and was affirmed by the High King Peter when he chose a Talking Bear to guard the lists during his historic duel with Miraz in the War of Deliverance (see “War of Deliverance”, “Miraz”, and “Sopespian” for more information).

and the winner

From Calormen by Ariel_of_Narnia
Tombs of the Ancient Kings: A random cluster of beehive-like structures housing the Ancient Tisrocs of Calormen (who didn’t live forever after all), situated on the edge of the Great Desert. A favourite gathering place for jackals and fugitives (of the latter, especially those of Northern origin and claimed victims of capture and slavery). Calormenes believe the Tombs are also inhabited by ghouls, but this has not yet been confirmed. In the year 1014, there was report of a roar heard by those residing nearby; according to King Cor of Archenland, it was the great Lion Aslan (whom the Calormenes believe is a mythical demon) (source: the biography of King Cor as told in “The Horse and His Boy”).


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