Narnian Cinquains – Writing Contest #60

April is known in some places as Poetry Month. In celebration of this, let’s try writing a Narnian-themed cinquain. To clarify, a cinquain is a poem in five lines. The first line is the theme (noun), one word in two syllables; the second line is two descriptive words (adjectives) in four syllables; the third line is three words that express action, six syllables; the fourth line is four words that express feeling, eight syllables; and the fifth line is one word in two syllables, referencing the title in the first line. The number of syllables doesn’t have to be exact (I cheated a bit in the sample by making the last line three syllables instead of two) but do try to follow the structure as closely as possible. That’s half the fun!

Jewel Kind, courageous Fights beside Tirian Ever loyal to Narnia Unicorn

Honorable Mentions

Northerner in the South by Ariel_of_Narnia
Confused, learning
Wants freedom in the North
Not at home in old Calormen

Aslan by Caspian’s Princess
Aslan Eternal, brave
Will love forever Creator of all Narnia Lion

Lilliandil by Ariel_of_Narnia
Beautiful, kind
Sings in the morning light
Caspian’s noble bride and queen

Jill Pole by Terb
A girl
Feisty, true
With owls she flew
Fulfilled her Narnian role
Jill Pole

and the winner

from the Marshes by Ariel_of_Narnia
Drafty, wobbly
Gives Puddleglum nightmares
Liable to collapse real soon


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