Fanfiction is Back

More progress! I’ve restored the fanfiction directories from June 2012 and earlier. You can find them under Fan Creations. It’s not perfectly integrated with the site, but it’s usable. And it means we’ll be able to have the Lion Awards this year. 🙂

One drawback: At the moment, adding a story to the directory will not add it to the home page. I hope to be able to add that functionality soon (In fact I’ll eventually have to convert the whole thing to a different programming language, but there’s no time while we’re rebuilding and I leave for Middle Earth in less than 48 hours.). In the meantime, feel free to add your stories and promote them on the forum so your friends can read them before the awards.

Please let me know if you encounter any errors. Have fun!

8 thoughts on “Fanfiction is Back

    1. Kristi

      We are planning on the Lion Awards. They just got a little delayed, but I should begin working on making nominations possible this weekend. So maybe you’ll be able to nominate next week.

      1. narniagirl11

        Oh good! I was wondering about that as well. Looking forward to the Lion Awards! This is my first year on TLC even though I have been writing fanfictions for about two years now. Very excited for the awards, even though I know I probably won’t win anything. 🙂

  1. Lily of ArchenlandLily of Archenland

    Oh – sort of an error-report, but the error is also sort of my human error –
    Three of my poems were actually linked to threads in the old forum as their location. That would be Bism, Calling the Trees, and Wrenching Free. Could you maybe delete those and let me re-submit from other locations, now that the original links are dead?

    1. Ajnos GamgeeAjnos

      I have no idea how to edit/delete entries, and am not sure if anyone but Kristi knows. If you want them working now so people can read them before the Lion Awards nominations, you can resubmit them in addition to the old ones (maybe with “working link” or something in the title/description so people can tell the difference) and once we know what we are doing we’ll delete the broken versions and edit the descriptions.

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