Happy Anniversary! TLC Turns 15.

We’ll be doing a few special things throughout this coming year to celebrate, but just thought I should offer a shout-out that The Lion’s Call was founded in December of 1997, fifteen years ago. I never knew then what that journey would involve, but I have been so blessed in all the wonderful people I have met through this site.

5 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary! TLC Turns 15.

  1. SwanwhiteSwanwhite

    *beams* We’re getting on eh? And may it live on and love on in line with the Lord, under his care following His heartbeat.

  2. Queen AmarlieQueen Amarlie

    I am so blessed to be here. Thanks for a warm welcome back then. You guys are awesome and I hope this site will go on for more than 15 years…:) I am so happy…:D

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