Solve the Mystery! We Have a Winner!

buckleToday on eBay I found an item listed as coming from Weta Workshop and being a prop that was likely from The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, or one of the Narnia films.

I bought it on impulse, as the price was fair and I’ve been wanting a Lord of the Rings or Narnia prop. But I haven’t had a chance to look it up in the films yet. Sooo…can you find one of these buckles onscreen in a Weta film? I’m guessing we can at least rule out King Kong. Add your comments here. First to find it will receive an “Order of the Buckle” signature graphic.

Fireflower has found the source of this buckle: a Narnian centaur’s gear. Well done, Fireflower!

Incidentally, there appears to be more than one of these available, if anyone is interested. Look on eBay.

15 thoughts on “Solve the Mystery! We Have a Winner!

  1. ViolamomViolamom

    I don’t have the eyeballs or the time for such a quest, but the buckle is gorgeous, and the challenge intriguing! I look forward to hearing the results of others’ sleuthing! 🙂 <><

  2. NarnianJet

    alright. I have done some (very little but possible) research and there is a movie that it could have come from. It’s called Born of Hope and is a fan movie of Lord of the Rings. It is possible it could be from that and that’s all I have.

  3. Fireflower

    I found it!! I found a picture of the buckle in my “The Crafting of Narnia” Weta workshop book on page 169! It is for one of the centaurs in “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”. I still will have to pinpoint it in the movie, but it is definitely from a centaur in Narnia! 😀

      1. KristiKristi Post author

        Well done, Fireflower! We’ll see about getting your reward made up for you. I thought of looking in that book, but I’d convinced myself the buckle was in the style of Rohan. Next time I should post pictures from my visit to Castle Hill in New Zealand and see if anyone can match the rocks there with shots from the battle in LWW.

        1. Fireflower

          Kristi, will you be sending the reward via email? If so, use this one on this comment. (my other one quit working!) Thanks!

      2. Miniverminiver

        Congrats, Fireflower! I have that WETA book too, and did it occur to me to look in there? No. So you get extra points for ingenuity. Kristi, this was a great purchase. A beautiful ornament indeed.

        1. Tenethia BrandybuckTenethia

          Very good job, Fireflower! I’d spent several hours on it, but did not have the book and the sites I found were unhelpful. This was a rather tough one.

      1. Benisse

        Kristi, how very special to find out that the buckle came from a Narnian rather than a Lord of the Rings movie, much as I like that franchise.

        Fireflower, great job!

  4. Scorchingstar

    I saw this item on eBay today and then looked it up and found what your wrote. Who was the seller becaues there is the exact one up for sale now as pictured. Thanks! I’m just a bit confused.

    1. KristiKristi Post author

      The seller was ace5thranger. I assume it’s the same person selling the others. He seems to sell items he’s bought from production clearances. There was more than one centaur in the film, and they would all have needed the same style of buckle, I believe, as it was part of a uniform. We need to check the footage. There’s no guarantee these items appeared in the film, of course. They might have been extras that weren’t used (The one I received felt very new, the way the antiquing hadn’t been rubbed at much. But how long would a centaur have worn it anyway? A few days?), or even proof of concepts…I like to think it appeared in the film, but the listing doesn’t strictly say that. It’s a cloak clasp, which would explain why it’s not attached to a belt or something. It was certainly designed by Weta Workshop, as it’s in the Crafting of Narnia book. And I shouldn’t think it’s a knock-off…it’s too random, especially since the guy didn’t claim to know what movie it was from. Hope that helps. 🙂

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