Share a Favorite TLC Memory

We’re celebrating 15 years and want to know what your favorite memories are of The Lion’s Call. Leave a reply and let us know!

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  1. ViolamomViolamom

    Goodness, this is like asking me to pick my favorite child or favorite piece of classical music!!

    Much of this is covered in my belated Thank You to Kristi, but I would have to say some of my Top Memories are: my first time entering the chatroom, my staff initiation, Deeanalyn’s wedding & Lion Con–both events allowing me to meet so many TLCers in real life, plus wonderful people from other Narnia sites–and our very first Day of Prayer, in which the Lord worked some real miracles in certain lives. 😉

    TLC is The Best. Period. And a beloved fixture in the life of the Goofyclan. *Hugs* to you all from Vmum!! 😀 😀 😀 <><

  2. Tenethia BrandybuckTenethia

    Four of my favorite memories:
    1. Archery in the old chat. I remember shooting arrows with the dice sort of thing in the old chat, and even before that, when the game hadn’t been invented, and Wilf and I would keep going for so long, shooting and splitting each other’s arrows. 😀
    2. Prayer. Prayer in chat is amazing, and makes me feel so close to God. It’s amazing that even though we are hundreds of miles away from each other, our prayers are heard and answer, and God is present with us.
    3. Must I stop here? Podcasting with Swan, Wrosie, Aravir, and Geoffrey :D. That was fun.
    4. Chandeliers and fireworks

  3. SwanwhiteSwanwhite

    The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe reading group meeting long long ago with Kristi and Petra that sparked a poem about the four thrones being filled that sparked all my poetry since 🙂

  4. narniagirl11

    Favorite memory? Oh wow. In the few weeks that I have been here, I have enjoyed so much. One of my favorite parts was the LWW costume party. It was really funny being King Peter and getting chased around by Mrs. Macready who somehow became Queen Macready in my absence. 🙂 But I have also had so much fun hanging out with my new pals in the chat room. One of the best times was when Tenethia, Lil and I redid the entire HHB story. We were gonna do it in 15 minutes, but it turned out to be nearly 2 hours! But we had such a blast! 😀 Thank you all for the wonderful memories! I can’t wait to make more with you in future. 🙂

  5. SwanwhiteSwanwhite

    The hunt for the vault, going as Professor Plum to our first costume party, writing “Narnia” in the sand on a pacific beach with C.S.Lois, Cauldron pool water fights, judging the caption contest with Lois, the game show we had and Monkey’s antics when she was a contestant, meeting Anastasia and Deannalyn in “real life”, celebrating Islie’s Island day, Starbreath making a “mare-y sue” in the creature character builder, Kristi’s Pattertwig’s Puppet productions 🙂 and wearing a microphone on my forehead in order to record commentaries with Kristi and Lois 😀

  6. Fireflower

    My favorite moment actually happened recently… I liked winning the Order of the Buckle for finding the centaur clasp. 😉 I look forward to more memories to come! (I am sad that I had to miss the costume party though. Maybe I can make the next one!)

      1. SwanwhiteSwanwhite

        About two weeks about Islie needed cheering up so we made it the independence day of her Island since she is the Happy /Islander/ 🙂 I wrote an anthem for it and we made up some of the history and stuff.

        1. The Happy IslanderThe Happy Islander

          We also figured that the speculation about my island being a Narnian island couldn’t work. 😛 So we had to figure out from whom my island became independent. 😉 Next year we’ll hopefully know more about how to celebrate it, maybe have a national dish and stuff. 😀

  7. Ajnos GamgeeAjnos

    Stew & Tooky’s “engagement”, celebrating the in-coming of New Year 2011 with people all around the world, the first Day of Prayer (also my joining chat), people sharing my despairs and joys about getting into Oxford, meeting Silkdash and Deannalyn and (am I allowed to like my own idea) the summer challenges. 😀

  8. White RoseWhite Rose

    All the crazy antics in the chat…. I especially remember a night after I logged off around 3 a.m. my time, when Petra, Squeaky, and Simetra had an especially awesome battle. It was hilarious! And all the April Fool’s Day stuff….and the award shows and after parties…..and the podcasts……and all the friends I’ve made and am making. Just everything! 🙂

  9. Sir-EdwardSir-Edward

    If someone asked me”What was your favorite TLC moment? It would be A question I could not answer….TLC is a Rare Site, the people are so kind(And crazy),That If I Looked back, I don’t think I could find My favorite moment. All I can say is I love TLC! You can imagine Any thing you want AND have lots of really good friends to help you, and talk to ….Can’t ask for much more then that!:D……But If I HAD to think of one i’d say….My First Costume party. it was a blast! (Lots of fireworks to!) 🙂

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