Costume Party Friday, March 15th: Original Characters; Also, a Writing Group Reboot!

Join us in the chatroom all day Friday for another fun costume party.  This time, come dressed as an original character from something you’ve written.  Then join us on Saturday, March 16th at 12:00 noon Pacific, 3:00 p.m. Eastern, as we reboot our writing group.  Bring a snippet of writing to share that involves the characters you dressed as during the party.

Not a writer?  Come as an inanimate object from a well-known story, such as the rose from Beauty and the Beast or Mr. Darcy’s cravat or Captain Hook’s hook.  Then join us at writing group to listen to our stories.

Note: We’ve decided to offer various formats for the writing group.  Some sessions will focus on brainstorming plot elements, others will be for in-depth critique.  This first group will be light reading with light feedback, so don’t worry that we’ll pick apart your baby.  This is a getting-to-know you event.  Hope to see you there!

For the costume party, log into the chat as a guest and change your name to the character you wish to portray. Secrecy is not the main objective of the party this time, since we’ll be coming as characters our friends may know about, but we’ll start guessing at 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Guessing is done in alphabetical order.

10 thoughts on “Costume Party Friday, March 15th: Original Characters; Also, a Writing Group Reboot!

  1. Ajnos GamgeeAjnos

    Do we need to log in as guests if our identity isn’t secret? We could change avvies and actually dress up if we went as ourselves and just changed our names.

    1. KristiKristi Post author

      If you don’t want to try and be secretive about your identity, which may be impossible with many of our characters anyway, by all means use your own account and dress up! Even though we’ll have guessing, secrecy isn’t the big focus of the party this time round.

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