Caption Contest 1 – Dawn Treader, Green Mist

Dawn Treader, Green Mist
Winning Entries:

And here ahead of us, ladies and gentlemen, is the Mutant Science Experiment, donated by the Giants from their fridge.   ~ Violamom
I do not like though you insist; I do not like this strange green mist   ~ Swanwhite
Tour guide: “And over here we have Mossy Island, which appeared in neither the book nor the movie….”   ~ Ariel_of_Narnia
People in the boat: Row! It’s our worst nightmares… un-canonical additions to the script!! Suspian! The Lost Lords lost forgotten! AUGHHHHHHHHHH!!   ~ Jenny Wren
Sailor: Well, this sure doesn’t look like the way to McDonalds. I want my Shamrock shake!              ~ narniagirl11

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