Eastern Sea Invasion

The Eastern Sea Takes Over The Lion’s Call (Hereafter TLSea)

At last, land dweller, the people of the deep have managed to wrangle hold of your precious website from you (We swam upstream to the unsecured connection at the Beaversdam Internet Cafe. Mwahahaha!).

We hereby decree that:

  • All subjects be constrained to a diet of kelp and other leafy greens.
  • Songs from The Little Mermaid be rung from the bell tower on the hour (You do have a bell tower, don’t you?)
  • Octopuses are hereby entitled to free pancakes at all establishments.
  • We also demand the establishment of a starfish walk of fame, to feature such legendary greats as Dick Van Pike and Manta Tyler Moore.

One thought on “Eastern Sea Invasion

  1. SYorickson

    Some octopus came over to my establishment and demanded 8 pancakes, one for each tentacle. Who has 8 pancakes just sitting around to hand out? I tried explaining that it was just an April Fool’s joke, but he kept insisting…

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