2013 Lion Awards to Broadcast Live on YouTube!

Yes, you read that right. For the first time ever, the Lion Awards will be broadcasting live on YouTube while you watch with your buddies in the chatroom (Which means you can totally cheer and clap each other on the back as much as you want instead of trying to stifle your enthusiasm waiting for the speaker.)

We’ve got a few surprises up our sleeves. You might catch a glimpse of a nominee on the red carpet, and we’ve got a couple of extra special presenters coming. This is the Lion Awards like you’ve never seen them before.

Note: This does not let you off of wearing your fancy avatars. 😉 (Don’t worry, those of us in the broadcast will be dressed up too.)

The 2013 Lion Awards begin at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Thursday, June 27.

6 thoughts on “2013 Lion Awards to Broadcast Live on YouTube!

  1. Violamom

    Please give us specific instructions on how to participate in this! Do I need a video camera? Where do I go? Do I have to have a Youtube account? How do I log in? Etc. etc.etc. THANK YOU in advance from the technologically challenged Den Mum. 😉 <

    1. SwanwhiteSwanwhite

      This time around only the announcers and some of the nominees will be on the broadcast itself and so for the audience it should be easy as pie. We’ll give you a link to the live broadcast and you can watch without logging in or any such complications.

      1. SwanwhiteSwanwhite

        That being said we do have other plans for using these broadcasted hangouts and we’d certainly be willing to show you how to participate if they come to be 🙂

  2. Ariel.of.NarniaAriel_of_Narnia

    Curses and splashes, I’m working that night! *weeps to be so alone*
    Someone will grab the chat log, right? and does this mean that the awards will be /up/ on YouTube?

    1. SwanwhiteSwanwhite

      🙁 I’m sad you can’t come. You are nominated even. Perhaps you can catch the tail end? Depending on your time zone. Anyway yes a chat log will be kept and the broadcast will be up as a video on youtube shortly after the event ends. So you’ll be able to read it and watch it like you were there, just not in real time.

      1. Ariel.of.NarniaAriel_of_Narnia

        *shakes head sadly* Nope. My shift ends at 10pm Pacific. I’ll just have to settle for watching/reading post-ceremonies like watching TV. But I’m making a set that will represent what I would be wearing if I could attend, so perhaps through the image, I’ll be with you in spirit. 🙂

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