Caption Contest 8 – Statutory Siblings

Winning Entries:

In order to get the boys to hug for their family photo, Susan had to resort to threatening them. ~ Sophia Farnworth

Two of these things are not like the others. Two of these things just are not the same. Two of these things are….. yeah, yeah, you get it already. ~ HisWarrior

The High King Peter and King Edmund pose with some rebel Telmarines in hopes to rally more to their cause! ~ Sir William

The Telmarine on the right stood straight and still, completely ignoring the fact that the horse was eating his shoulder. ~ Tenethia

Skandar: “Uh, William? Why do I have the impression we’re going to be ambushed by these guys?” William: “Just smile and wave, smile and wave….” ~ Ariel_of_Narnia

Peter: “Maybe posing with the Telmarine army wasn’t a good idea.” Ed: “Posing with the /angry/ Telmarine army was definately a bad idea.” Peter: “Whose idea was this anyhow?” Ed: “Yours, oh Magnificent brother mine.” ~ narniagirl11


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