Caption Contest 9 – Frozen at First Sight

Winning Entries:

Edmund: Ice on the flowers, ice on the trees, ice on the Witch’s house, but not on me!  *Witch glares at him.*  Edmund continues: You’re so ice-olated from the rest of the country. *Edmund notices that the Witch is looking angry.* She’s getting mad. Maybe Ice should stop. *He can’t resist and decides to say another pun.* Ice see that the river is no longer frozen.  WW: Stop with the ice puns!!!  Ed: Yes, your icy-ness. ~ narniagirl11

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single witch in possession of a winter kingdom, must be in want of a prince… two stone princes and two stone princesses to be exact.” ~ Spock

Edmund: “I love you.” Jadis: “I know.”  Edmund and Jadis: “……”  Director: “Alright! Who gave the FanFiction writer access to the script? From the top everyone!” ~ Spock

Jadis: “Ginnabrik? I have problem. I seem to have turned my foot to stone.” ~ Ariel_of_Narnia

Edmund: Did you get that wand at a garage sale? Witch: *facepalm* ~ Crystal Coramir

The White Witch is horrified when she discovers that her ice castle melted in her absence. ~ Sir William

There they are, my Oscar dreams, all shattered and broken because of that Lion. To think I could not out act a stuffed lion. ~ Tom Duffy

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