Narnian Debates – Writing Contest #64

What if Narnians had debate clubs? What would they debate about? For? And against? Let’s find out!

Example: (Brought to you by Ariel of Narnia)

The first point I would like to raise is my upbringing. Being in Calormen, I know nothing of Archenlandish rulership, politics, or anything. Being the servant of a fisherman taught me nothing of etiquette, class, or honest authority. Being the so-called “son” of a poor man resulted in no education but swimming, mending nets, and preparing bread and cheese for meals.

This brings us to my return. While I have begun my education, I have far too much to learn to be ready in time. I am not accustomed to this sort of society or to formalities. And, being as ignorant of these things that I am, I am therefore not qualified.

And my third point is this: I only travelled up here for my freedom. Finding my family was a blessing I never thought I’d have. But I did not at all intend to become anyone important, and chewing my brother out of his inheritance is the last thing I wish for. The people of Archenland deserve a good and wise king who knows and understands them and their land. I cannot fulfill that role and should, therefore, not be crowned king upon my father’s passing.


In response to my brother, I would like to say that education is not everything. After all, the High King and his brother and sisters did not receive formal education until they ascended to the throne. Cor has learned some things that no tutor can ever really teach him: loyalty, duty, humility. All of which a good king needs.

I would also like to point out that the kingship of Archenland is not based on qualifications, but on lineage. As eldest son of our father, King Lune, the duty of the crown falls to Cor. It was mine before only because I had no elder prior to return from exile.

Thirdly, my royal brother claims he wishes to grant me my inheritance. I can assure you that he will indeed do exactly that, for it is the inheritance of princes to see their elders on the throne. As the younger, it is therefore my lawful lot to have all the fun I would not have had if I were king.

In conclusion… Cor, if you ever speak of this again, I’ll knock you down!

Don’t forget to take at the look winners for the last contest!


Honourable Mentions:

by Gypsevedius
Lucy: Let’s organize this.
Eustace: Who’s organized here? Definitely not HIM.
Lucy: Calm down boys.
Edmund: Who’s calm? Not him.
Lucy: Shush! Let’s talk about what we learned today.
Edmund: How to train your dragon?
Eustace: Where to hide things you stole?
Lucy: *rolls her eyes* Friendship.
Boy cousins: Ooooooooh! That.
Eustace: Being friends with you, cousins, was strange at first, but I think I got over after being a dragon for a while.
Edmund: You were a beast weren’t you?
Lucy: And by ‘beast’ what do you mean?
Edmund: I guess he was both. ‘beast’ as in nasty brat and ‘beast’ as in animal.
Eustace: Don’t laugh! The second one wasn’t my fault.
Edmund: And the first?
Eustace: I admit it. I was awesome.
Lucy/Edmund: WHAT?!
Eustace: I was awesome. Such a sneaky thing.
Edmund: You were sneaky after you became a dragon too.
Eustace: True…. But now I know how to train a dragon now. I’ll be more used to them now. I can help Caspian defeat them and be a hero!
Lucy: If you ever see him again.
Eustace: Point. But I mean, I will be SO awesome!
Edmund: Who would guess, right?!
Eustace: Right!
Lucy: Back to the point.
Edmund: I guess I was bad at first too, Eustace. And I am ashamed of myself.
Eustace: I guess I am too. Being friends with you two changed me. And I’m glad it’s so.
Lucy: As am I.
Eustace: Friends forever?
All: Friends forever. *shake hands*

by Tenethia
Bree: We’re here in the middle of nowhere with Aravis Tarkheena and Shasta Somebody for the debate of the hour. The topic this evening? Whether or not they should travel together. Aravis, as the lady present, you may go first. What are your thoughts on this matter? Do you think you should travel with Shasta or not?
Aravis: Absolutely not. He’s only a common boy, a slave probably, whose stolen a horse!
Bree: Now if anyone did any stealing…
Hwin: No, Bree, you’re the moderator here. You aren’t allowed to join the debate.
Bree: *snorts* well, then, Shasta, what is your opinion on this matter?
Shasta: I would never travel with her. She’s only a girl. And she doesn’t want me, so I don’t want her.
Bree: … Well, I suppose that concludes today’s debate. Join us next time in Archenland for the next debate “Will Cor Be King or Not?”

by Lil
Cor: You always argue about everything!
Aravis: I do not!
Cor: You do too!
Aravis : I do not.
Cor: I’m Sorry, Aravis,
Aravis: I’m sorry Cor.
They apologize. The end. 😛

And the winner is…

Argument or Debate? by Lilliandilthesecond
Lucy: I agree with Corin
Cor: Oh, what do you know?
Lucy: I know that you would make an excellent king.
Corin: I agree.
Cor: Oh, shut it!
Corin: Jealous, are we?
Cor: Why would I be.
Corin: You have to be king, while I get to have fun.
Cor: I am not jealous!
Corin: Yes, you are!
Cor: Am not!
Peter: Hey! This is meant to be a debate, not an argument!

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