Caption Contest 12 – The Weakest Link?

Andrew: Hey, Peter! What a great fight! Fistbump? Peter: Ha! After that duel? Uh– I don’t think so, wise guy. Find another Magnificent High King. ~ gwainesfriend


Andrew: You know… you’re the only person that will be in costume for the party! William: WHAT?! Someone told me this was /supposed/ to be a costume party! Ben: Heeheehee. ~ Elanorelle


Andrew: See? See! Right there! If the costume department doesn’t fix that hole Miraz will be pricking /you/ in the armpit! ~ narniagirl11


William gives Amanda Seyfried a run for her money as he hits the highest note in Les Miserables’ “A Heart Full of Love”. ~ Ariel_of_Narnia

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