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Narnian Company Slogans – Writing Contest #65

If Narnians organized their business affairs into companies, what would their slogans/taglines be?

Example: (by Eowyn of Narnia)
“Marshwiggle Industries – You Probably Won’t Like What We Sell”

Don’t forget to take at the look winners for the last contest!


Honorable Mentions:

by Lilliandil
Gnome City Inc. – We sell the small, down under things.

by Tom Duffy
Tashlan – The god you need to get where you’re going.

by gwainesfriend
“Green Kirtle Music Company — Ssssimply Exssscellent.”

by Lilliandil
Fix-It Fauns Inc. – If it’s broken, we can fix it!

And the winner…

by Tom Duffy
White Witch Statuary – Get your statue from your Queen. So life-like, you won’t have another traitorous thought.


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Graphic Contest # 2: What’s it made of?

“Sugar and spice, and everything nice. that’s what little girl’s are made of” –Burton Stevenson

Have you ever wondered what a Narnian character, thing, place, or race was or could be made of? Now is your chance to let your creativity explode as you create a diagram letting us know what YOU think it’s made of!!

Your first subject is………. PUDDLEGLUM!!!!!!!

I have for you an example diagram of Aslan with no text filled in.

Diagram exmple


All entries are due by November 2nd and winners will be posted November 3rd

“Sugar and spice, and everything nice. that’s what little girl’s are made of” –Burton Stevenson 

We ask that all outlines be drawn by you. Please see below for specific directions

  • Your job is to create a diagram as shown above with an outline of the given subject and divide it into sections in which you will type what that specific section is made of.
  • You may use Image Manipulation Programs such as: Photoshop, GIMP, PaintShopPRO, etc. OR any art medium you choose ie: watercolor, drawing, acrylic, etc.

  • Please be sure all words are legible, whether by font or handwritten; Please keep extremely fancy fonts to a minimum.

  • All entry content must be appropriate and respectful , and must relate to the given subject

  • The basis of this contest is humor, please keep all diagrams on a humorous level.

  • Please submit all entries and questions via PM to Eriathwen and include contest in your subject title to help prevent confusion.

Thank You to everyone participating or considering to participate!


Caption Contest 14 – To All My Adoring Fans, Hello

Ben: Quick, everyone hold hands!  Anna: I’m not holding *your* hand!  Georgie: Somebody’s taking a picture, you know…  Will: What, Georgie? ~ anonymous Narnian

Susan: “Edmund is going to be so mad when he gets here and discovers who we had stand in for him.” Peter: “Well, it’s his fault he was late.” Lucy: “Stop talking about it. Andrew told us to make sure nobody noticed.” Caspian: “Thank you, thank you, adoring fans. I am Edmund of the Golden Age. Cheer for me!” ~ Luthien

Ben: yeah, yeah, I know…. I’m just so awesome you can’t handle it! Thank you so much darling fans for your unending love-  Georgie: Ben, can you like stop messing with my hand, it’s awkward…..  Ben: and I will sign all of you book covers and movie cases, and you can have all the photos graphs you want and-  William: he just never stops does he?  Ben: I am just overwhelmed by your love and support and have been so delighted by the reactions to my latest movie I want to tell all of you that-  Anna: don’t worry, I’ve got the duct tape! 
Ben: I love all of you so much and- *duct tape slapped over mouth* moophf umg bofteh grassstf rahgted blaagdhs!!! ~ Lucy Tess

Crazy guy sitting in a chair. Is anyone else thinking of what’s going to happen in 70 Narnian years? ~ Ariel_of_Narnia

Ben: *singing* I throw my hands up in the air sometimes saying AYO!  Georgie: Oh, Ben! For Pete’s sake, stop dancing in a photo-shoot! *attempts to pull Ben’s hand down* ~ Lilliandil

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