Attention, Ye Writers of TLC!

Attention, Ye Writers of TLC!

As of late, E-Inklings Writer’s Group has been very quiet.  We haven’t had very many creatures (human, hobbit, dwarf, or talking beasts) attending, and it is sort of (alright, a lot) discouraging.
Therefore, Lil and I have decided to take a bit of action and ask you all if there would be a time better than the current one to hold Writer’s Group.  We realize that school is back in session, and that may be partly the cause of the emptiness E-Inkling’s is experiencing. We also realize some TLCers have jobs.
The current time is noon Pacific time, on Saturdays.  Would a time earlier work better, or do you think we should keep it at this time?
We appreciate your input 🙂
Lil and Tenny

11 thoughts on “Attention, Ye Writers of TLC!

  1. Ariel.of.NarniaAriel.of.Narnia

    A bit later in the afternoon might work better for me.
    And as a note to those who would come to Writers’ but think they oughtn’t to unless they’ve got something to share, it’s okay! We like having you there anyway!

    1. Tenethia BrandybuckTenethia

      Yes! We appreciate having people just coming and reading works and giving happy encouraging words.

  2. narniagirl11

    Time doesn’t really matter for me. Saturdays seem to be good. Things do just suddenly pop up and I can’t make it, but I’ll try to be more regular. I think that this month more people may come especially if they need feedback on their NaNoWriMo novel.

    1. Beautiful DreamerBeautiful Dreamer

      I actually had no idea that non-writing peoples were welcome to attend. I’ll be happy to come check it out, since I’m usually free Saturday afternoons. (:

      1. Tenethia BrandybuckTenethia

        Aw, sorry we haven’t gotten the word around very well about that, Breamer! Yeah, we welcome non-writers to come join in! We writers love to share our works, and anybody who doesn’t write or share can join in by just watching or they can give comments on what we share 🙂 Hope we’ll see you around some time 🙂

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