Caption Contest 16 – Twinkle Twinkle Little…Lamppost?

Peter: What is this? Su: I have no idea. Ed: Guys… Lucy: It’s like something from a dream, or a dream of a dream. Su: Perhaps we should see what lies beyond it… Ed: Guys! Peter: My dear sister, you make an excellent point. We should most certainly see what lies beyond it! Ed: GUYS!!! Peter, Su, and Lucy: What?! Ed: Who is up there by the lamppost, and what is he doing with a camera? – Albero

There is no sun. – Tom Duffy

Georgie: Andrew, how could we not know what this is? Isn’t Skandar playing someone named the Duke of Lantern Waste? – Tom Duffy

Peter: Who trapped all the fireflies in that glass and iron prison? Lucy: I say! Those are our friends! Whoever did this should be punished. Susan: Edmund? What were you doing in Lantern Waste yesterday? Edmund: Don’t ask. Especially not in front of Peter. –

Susan: What is that? Peter: It looks like a torch on top of iron. Susan: I can see that…. What is it doing here? Edmund: Um, maybe it grew here! Susan: *facepalm* NO, Ed! It’s iron! Lucy: Maybe the Witch planted it when Narnia was created! Peter: Lucy! She wouldn’t have been here then! She wasn’t /that/ old! Lucy: How do you know? Did you ask her? Edmund: Why are we standing here arguing and letting the White Stag get away? Susan: You’re right, Ed. Why let an iron torch stop us? (The girls and Peter mount up and ride out. Edmund stays and looks at it.) Edmund: Whew! Thought we’d have to go back there for a minute! I’m glad Lucy forgot about Spare Oom. (He joins his siblings and they catch the Stag and stay in Narnia for a good long time.) – Jesus’girl4ever

Lucy: Those reports were correct, the lamppost does need cleaning. Susan: Yeah, it looks awful. Ed, will you go up there and clean it off? Edmund: … Peter: Well, looks like I’ll have to do it, then. Somebody go get a ladder. – Anonymous Narnian

Ed: What is it? A Tree? Lucy: No, you silly! It’s a pole with vines growing on it! Susan: Lets be realistic here; it’s a tree with a star on the top. Peter: It’s SuperMan! All three heads swivel to look at Peter who pretends not to notice. – The Northern Rider

Lucy: That lamppost…it brings back memories. All of a sudden, I remember things from way back…when we were little kids. Susan: Yeah! I remember what a little BEAST Edmund was!
Edmund: Oh, yeah? I remember you and your ‘realistic’ mindset! Peter: I remember when I first discovered Darth Vader was my father. Lucy: Wrong story, Peter. – AGB

Lucy: What a LOVELY lamppost! Peter: Look how the flame seems to dance within it. Susan: What lamppost? All I see is a yellow ball on a metal stick! Edmund: I love the intricate carving on the bottom. Susan: WHAT carving?! Lucy: I’ve never seen anything like it. Susan: WHAT!? WHERE?! Peter: You need glasses, Susan. – AGB

Peter: It’s a suspended ball of fire! Lucy: A trapped star? Or a dream of a dream? It seems familiar. Susan: I think that it’s an ugly iron thing that has no purpose being in our Narnian Forests! Edmund, Peter and Lucy: That was eloquent! – Lucy Tess

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