Caption Contest 17 – Not the Pretty Butterfly!

Winning Entries:

Trumpkin: Finally! A clear shot… Peter: (just walked up) Of what?…*gasp* why are you shooting at Caspian?!?! Trumpkin: Oh look: he’s holding Susan’s hand…and her head is leaning against his shoulder! Peter: *silence*…Be my guest. ~ Aravis

Peter: “Trumpkin!” Trumpkin: “What?” Peter: “You need to fix your hair! It doesn’t look like it’s been brushed in ages!” Trumpkin: *rolls eyes* ~ The Day Rider

Trumpkin: I’m going to try to hit that squirrel over there. Peter: Wait! That’s a talking squirrel!Trump: Talking squirrels are extinct, now, Peter.Peter: PLEASE don’t shoot it! It’s so cute! Trump: Ok, how about that tree there? Peter: STOP! Don’t you know trees in Narnia are alive? Trump: All right, how about that rock right there? Peter: NO! Trump: Please don’t tell me THAT’S alive. Peter: No, it’s just I don’t want to hurt that baby worm on the side of it. Trump: *facepalm* ~ AGB

Dwarf: If I can’t, I can’t. If it takes a miracle, I can’t. Peter: But that a double negative. Dwarf: Precisely. Peter: So, that means you can’t. Dwarf: Yes, I can! Peter: *facepalm* ~ Lilliandil

Trumpkin: *pulls back his bow* Peter: “Higher, Trumpkin, no wait, you’re pulling back to far. Watch out or you’ll over shoot. No! For goodness sake it’s more to the right! Now you’re letting it too slack!” Trumpkin: “PETER!” Peter: *looks a little taken aback* “Yes, what is it, Trumpkin?” Trumpkin. “It’s a BARN WALL! I think I can hit it, I’m a dwarf! And what’s more it’s the broad side of it!” ~ Sir-William

Peter: Oh my goodness, Trumpkin! What if you shoot Caspian?! How can you tell him apart from everyone else? Trumpkin: Eh, doesn’t really matter now that you’re here to lead us.           ~ narniagirl11

High King Peter The Magnificent: Listen to me, DLF, you are never going to hit any target anywhere if you continue to hold the arrow shaft above your eyes. Bring it down and sight along the shaft. Trumpkin: Beads and Bracelets, leave me alone, your Majesty, we dwarves have being shooting arrows since the Dawn of Time. I know what I am doing. ~ Tom Duffy

William: Anna! Stop him from shooting that Telemarine soldier! He’s supposed to be in the boat and YOU’RE the one who’s supposed to shoot the soldier! Anna: Why can’t you do it? You’re the one right next to him! William: That’s not the point! Skandar: I’ll stop him! William: No, Anna’s got to! Trumpkin: *shoots* Georgie: *facepalm* ~ Albero

Trumpkin: To be a good archer, you need a lot of skill and a LOT of concentration. Watch carefully, Peter, as I shoot this target. Peter: Why do you pull the bow back so far? Why are your eyes squinted? Does it really help if you stand on one leg while you’re shooting? What if your trying to hit a moving target? Do you need to hold the string a certain way? Why do you try to hit the center of the target? Why… *Trumpkin shoots and misses the target entirely* Trumpkin (through gritted teeth): I’m starting to regret ever agreeing to teach you archery. ~ ABG

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