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E-mail Signatures – Writing Contest #67

What kind of signatures would Narnians have at the end of their e-mail messages? A quote? A favourite saying of theirs? Something simple, something fancy? You tell us!

Example: Rabadash by Ariel_of_Narnia

Crown Prince Rabadash of Calormen,
descended in a right line from Tash the inexorable and son of the most condescending tisroc ever

Don’t forget to check out the winners of the last contest!
(By the way, thank you so much for the number of entries!)
Honourable Mentions:
Lasaraleen by Tenethia
Lasaraleen Tarkheena
and my monkey!
Puddleglum by Elanorelle
“Bouncy and high-spirited Puddleglum” as the other wiggles call me,
(Why did I even bother to send an e-mail? You’ll never get it anyway, I shouldn’t wonder, but if you do you won’t ever reply because it will end up going to ‘Spam’ or your internet will go down or the electricity will go out or you’ll be kidnapped by giants who will take you off to some distant land never to be heard of again.)
Corin by Rose & Psyche
Peter by Albero
High King Peter the Magnificent, Emperor of the Lone Islands, Lord of Cair Paravel, Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Lion.
“He’s wild, you know. Not like a tame lion.”¬†-Tumnus
Trumpkin by Beautiful Dreamer
Bearded and barnacled, bulbed and bolstered, cobbled and kettledrummed, and last but not least weighted and water-bottled,
Trumpkin the Dwarf
Puddleglum by Katye
Puddlegum the Marshwiggle.
Not that you will bother to reply.
And the winner is…
Edmund by Lil
Redeemed by His Mercy.

Caption Contest 19 – Balmier and Balmier

Winning Entries:

Hey change the channel back I don’t like this show! ~ Swanwhite

Eustace: “If anyone asks… he did it.” ~ Ariel_of_Narnia

Edmund: .oO(Oh good! Narnia! Now Eustace will get what’s coming to him!)¬†Eustace: Look at Lucy! She has the nerve to think this is funny! Paintings suddenly dissolving into water is not funny! ~ narniagirl11

Apparently, Ed just realized that Eustace has a hand. ~ Albero

Ed: W-What’s happening?¬†Lucy: If you want to submerge in Narnian magic, come to Eustace’s house!¬†Eustace: What?¬†Lucy: If you are eager to dive into this Narnia stuff, you can come, too!¬†Ed: Lucy! We don’t have time for the water puns! We’re going under!¬†Lucy: If you’re way in over you’re head, come along and go deeper!¬†Eustace: Just stop it with the water puns.¬†Lucy: Aw, come on, Eustace! Don’t let your spirits be damped by this! Come to Narnia this summer! ~ Liliandil

Eustace: I don’t care what anybody says, I AM NOT CLEANING THIS UP. ~ Tom Duffy

Eustace: “Guys: when a tsunami is approaching, you don’t just STAND there watching!!!!! *muttered to himself* hasn’t your mother taught you anything…?” ~ Aravis

Lucy: “Someone turned on the hose and is spraying it through the window!” Eustace: “AHHH! WATER! RUN!!!!!!!” *dashes out of the room* ~ The Rider

Lucy: Picture, Picture on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Picture: As pretty as you are, Edmund is. Lucy: Did you hear that Ed? Your the fairest of them all! Edmund: Whaaaat? Eustace: It must be broken. Something is terribly wrong with it! ~ Crystal Coarmir

The glass widow shatters as Lucy tries to hit the high C in “Tomorrow”. Edmund and Eustace look on in horror. ~ AGB

Lucy: “Oh, feel that breeze! Isn’t it lovely! And the that smell of salt water and the feeling of droplets on your face.”¬†Edmund: “Oh, no! a hull breach! Lucy, quick, help me with this mattress before the whole ship floods!”¬†Eustace:(panics) “ABANDON SHIP!” ~ Sir-William

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