Wanted: Narnian News Reporters

Call for applications for news reporters

As news starts to trickle in on the planned Silver Chair movie, we are looking for enthusiastic and dedicated writers to join the TLC news team.

We are planning to set up a Lion’s Call news team: primarily to cover news on the Silver Chair film, but also any other Narnia or TLC-appropriate news. We are looking for reporters (“full” and “part-time”) to join us. Candidates will be expected to come up with pitches for stories and attend regular meetings as well as write stories.

Initially, we will expect full-time reporters to attend a meeting every two weeks and produce at least one article twice a month. Both of these might change as we get closer to the film and depending on the size of the team. At least some of the meetings will be held via Google Hangouts, so you will need a Google+ account (and reporters under 18 will need express permission from their parents to attend).

Part-time reporters will not need to attend meetings or write two stories a month. They may submit story ideas or be assigned extra stories from time-to-time as the need arises.

While no monetary remuneration will be associated with the positions, there are potential perks. You will gain experience coming up with news ideas, writing and working as part of a team. Reporters may have the opportunity to attend events in their local area and to interview actors and other celebrities, whether in person or online. As an official reporter of The Lion’s Call, you may have opportunities to get tickets and attend events as a member of the press rather than just a member of the public, which sometimes results in better or different access, though with the requirement of writing one or more articles. You may also be able to include your experience as a reporter on your resume/CV.

If you are interested in joining our team, please PM Ajnos and specify whether you are interested in a part or full time position. Applications close January 15th. For more information or clarification you can also PM Ajnos.

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  1. oresenoresen

    I don’t have the profile ranking to PM people yet! But I’d love to try out as a part time reporter. I hope an admin can see this comment because I don’t know what else to do.

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