Caption Contest 19 – Balmier and Balmier

Winning Entries:

Hey change the channel back I don’t like this show! ~ Swanwhite

Eustace: “If anyone asks… he did it.” ~ Ariel_of_Narnia

Edmund: .oO(Oh good! Narnia! Now Eustace will get what’s coming to him!) Eustace: Look at Lucy! She has the nerve to think this is funny! Paintings suddenly dissolving into water is not funny! ~ narniagirl11

Apparently, Ed just realized that Eustace has a hand. ~ Albero

Ed: W-What’s happening? Lucy: If you want to submerge in Narnian magic, come to Eustace’s house! Eustace: What? Lucy: If you are eager to dive into this Narnia stuff, you can come, too! Ed: Lucy! We don’t have time for the water puns! We’re going under! Lucy: If you’re way in over you’re head, come along and go deeper! Eustace: Just stop it with the water puns. Lucy: Aw, come on, Eustace! Don’t let your spirits be damped by this! Come to Narnia this summer! ~ Liliandil

Eustace: I don’t care what anybody says, I AM NOT CLEANING THIS UP. ~ Tom Duffy

Eustace: “Guys: when a tsunami is approaching, you don’t just STAND there watching!!!!! *muttered to himself* hasn’t your mother taught you anything…?” ~ Aravis

Lucy: “Someone turned on the hose and is spraying it through the window!” Eustace: “AHHH! WATER! RUN!!!!!!!” *dashes out of the room* ~ The Rider

Lucy: Picture, Picture on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Picture: As pretty as you are, Edmund is. Lucy: Did you hear that Ed? Your the fairest of them all! Edmund: Whaaaat? Eustace: It must be broken. Something is terribly wrong with it! ~ Crystal Coarmir

The glass widow shatters as Lucy tries to hit the high C in “Tomorrow”. Edmund and Eustace look on in horror. ~ AGB

Lucy: “Oh, feel that breeze! Isn’t it lovely! And the that smell of salt water and the feeling of droplets on your face.” Edmund: “Oh, no! a hull breach! Lucy, quick, help me with this mattress before the whole ship floods!” Eustace:(panics) “ABANDON SHIP!” ~ Sir-William

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