Narnialympics Update: Dufflepud Dilemma

A singular bobsledding team from the Island of the Voices is causing much controversy: officials are currently undecided as to whether the monopods who make up the team are allowed to use their single foot as a bobsled.

“A very confusing question, this,” said the pilot of the team in an interview. This remark was followed by a chorus of “Just what we were going to say ourselves!” from the remainder of the team. The pilot continued, “And what I say is, when a thing isn’t easy to decide, why, it makes for a hard decision!” Our reporters hurriedly left the interview as the other Dufflepuds chimed in, “True for you, Chief, true for you. No one’s got a clearer head than you. You couldn’t have made it plainer.”

We are optimistic that an official decision will shortly be forthcoming.

– The Happy Islander
Official Correspondent of the Narnian News Service

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