Narnialympics: Optimistic Dufflepud Bobsledders Return Home with No Medal

The Dufflepud bobsled team from The Island of the Voices was allowed to participate in today’s four-creature bobsledding event. “They might as well try,” explained a spokeswiggle, “but they haven’t got much of a chance of winning, what with that dangerous-looking Calormene team, and frostbite, and stubbed toes.”

The spokeswiggle turned out to be overly pessimistic: the Dufflepuds suffered neither injury nor mishap, and they did much better than the Calormene team (which was the only team their country sent for the Narnialympics, possibly because of hard feelings on the part of Prince Rabadash).

The Calormene team was, however, the only team that did worse than the Dufflepud team. The gold medal-winning Narnian dwarf team’s masterly-crafted bobsled, with its sleek and aerodynamic build, didn’t give the monopod team a chance.

– The Happy Islander
Official Correspondent of the Narnian News Service

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