Reindeer Rivals: Narnian Fans Divided

Two drivers in today’s much-anticipated sledge ride divided the favor of Narnian fans.

The first sledge, drawn by stunningly white reindeer, was driven by Narnia’s own W. Witch. She is widely known as being a powerful, aggressive driver, and it is rumored that she gave her fans all manner of magically-produced snacks to munch on while watching the race.

The second sledge, drawn by much larger, brown reindeer, was driven by a popular foreign man by the name F. Christmas. Narnialympics officials gave us conflicting information on the man’s origin, some of them claiming that he originates from the “North Pole.” We were unable to secure an interview with him, and were thus unable to verify the country he represents. It is rumored that F. Christmas and his reindeer team are able to travel the globe in 24 hours. His generosity and kindness has earned him a firm, though timid, following among Narnian fans, which include most of the, ahem, nicer sorts of creatures.

The race began outside the abandoned castle near Lantern Waste (where the opening ceremonies took place), and it ended at the base of the Hill of the Stone Table.

F. Christmas easily won the sledge race, in record-breaking time. W. Witch, on the other hand, was among the contestants who were unable to finish the event due to an unexpected thaw that began shortly after F. Christmas had finished the race and hurried off with his reindeer team on some important business.

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  1. Wallace

    That F. Christmas sounds like a shifty character. I suggest an investigation concerning possible foul play.

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