Narnialympics Wrap-Up

We hope you enjoyed this year’s coverage of the 2014 Narnialympics. As you can see from the medal count below, the Narnia athletes dominated the snow and ice this year, followed by a strong showing from the Archenland team, with additional prizes going to representatives from Telmar, The Island of the Voices, and…wherever F. Christmas came from (Rumors that the contestant Jadis, sometime Queen of Narnia, questioned his country of origin and the validity of his entry following the race are indeed true, but we are assured by officials–mostly owls–that his credentials are unimpeachable and perfectly in order even if no one is entirely sure where he hails from.)

We would like to give a thank you to our special correspondent The Happy Islander, and we encourage you all to join us again in two years for our coverage of the 2016 Summer Games.

Medal Highlights
Narnia Archenland Calormen Telmar Island
of the
Bobsled gold-medal silver-medal bronze-medal
Figure Skating gold-medal silver-medal bronze-medal
Half-Pipe Snowboarding silver-medal bronze-medal gold-medal
Ice Dancing silver-medal gold-medal bronze-medal
Long-Distance Skiing bronze-medal gold-medal silver-medal
Luge gold-medal bronze-medal silver-medal
Sledge Racing silver-medal bronze-medal gold-medal
Snowboarding bronze-medal silver-medal gold-medal

6 thoughts on “Narnialympics Wrap-Up

  1. Tenethia BrandybuckTenethia Brandybuck

    *Cheers* I’m sorry to see it all end 🙂 the Narnialympics were so much fun! Thank you, Islie, for being our correspondant 🙂


  2. elanorelleelanorelle

    *Roots* NAR-NI-A NAR-NI-A!!! Yay for the host country. 😀
    Thank you Islie for giving us this coverage. 😀 I’m sorry to see the Narnialymics go, as I’m sure everyone is, but we’ll have them again I’m sure!

  3. albero1

    GOOOOOOO, NARNIA!!!!!!!!!!! *screams wildly and waves the flag on the end of her tail in the air* YAHOO!!!!!!

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