Political Catchphrases – Writing Contest #68

The Narnians are running for office! What catchphrases will they be known for during the campaign? Will they keep their old ones from our first-ever writing contest or will they try something new this time around?

Example: Prince Edmund, by Ariel_of_Narnia
“For Turkish Delight and decent roads!”

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Honourable Mentions:

Tisroc by Tom Duffy
Vote Tisroc, or be slow roasted over burning coals.

Don’t Blame Me by AGB
If I am elected, don’t blame me for any unexpected floods, disasters, and invasions by neighboring countries.

King Frank I by Rose and Psyche
A candidate from the working class, who knows and understands what you feel!

King Miraz by Rose and Psyche
I’m not running for king, just lord protector. Vote not for me and I’ll send you on adventures you’ve never dreamed of!

Caspian X by narniagirl11
Caspian for King! Narnia was only right when a Son of Adam was on the throne!

Susan by AGB
I protected Trumpkin, I can protect you!


Winning Entry:

Marshwiggle Representative by Luthien
For better fireplaces (though they will produce more smoke), fewer giants (though other dangers will just take their place), and clearer air (though a witch will just make it foul again), vote Puddleglum (though he will undoubtedly lose).