Caption Contest 21 – And They Call Her “the Gentle”

Winning Entries:

Andrew: Cut! Anna, you’re supposed to say “Drop him!” Anna: Oops, sorry. Andrew: And don’t point your arrow so far up. Anna: Okay. Andrew: And stop playing with your hair. Anna: *nods* Andrew: Okay, people, let’s start at the beginning of the scene. (it goes fine until Anna’s line) Andrew: Cut!!! Anna, you must PROJECT! And don’t turn away from the camera so much! And-  Anna: *points arrow at Andrew’s chest* DON’T YOU DARE TELL ME ONE MORE MISTAKE, ADAMSON!  ~ Berry

Skandar: “Watching Anna struggle with a bow is all very interesting and – whoa, is that Turkish Delight?!” ~Ariel_of_Narnia

Andrew: Alright, Anna, if you don’t stop shooting everyone and saying ‘sorry, accident’, I am going to take away the bow and give you the dagger. William: But that doesn’t match the book. Andrew: I don’t care, she almost put out the camera man’s eye. Skandar: It’s not funny until you put somebody’s eye out, then it’s hilarious. ~ Tom Duffy

Will: Uh, Anna? Why’d you just shoot Ben with that arrow? Anna: He was trying to kiss me! Director: Uh, Anna, you’re SUPPOSED to kiss in this film… ~ Lilliandil

Anna: So you put the arrow here? William: There is no way she is gonna show me up. I’m the champion. Skandar: Uhh, Will, she might beat you.  Andrew: Yeah, William. Her bow is magical. ~ narniagirl11

Andrew: “Now Anna for this next scene your going to use this object that I had specially made for the scene.” Anna takes the bow and the arrow with the arrow on the string and examines it. “What is it, Andrew?” Andrew: “It’s called a bow, and you’re supposed to be able to hit just about anything with it as long as you trust in it and practice a lot, which means that this is going to be a very long day.” ~ Sir William

Andrew: Wait! Stop! Where’s the continuity editor? We’ve got two bows in this shot! ~ Kristi

William: Something’s wrong here. Skandar: I agree. Andrew: Anna, why do you have a bow in your quiver and a bow in your hand? Anna: This bow is supposed to be from the treasury, remember? Skandar: But why would you have two bows? Wouldn’t just one be easier to carry? Anna: Well… William: And why wouldn’t you use the bow Aslan gave you? Anna: Well… Skandar: And are you supposed to carry your spare bow in your quiver? William: Is that even something a queen would do in Narnia? Andrew: Anna, just drop the bow. ~ AGB

Susan prepares to ransom her hostages. ~Sir William

Andrew: …you aren’t actually going to shoot that thing, are you? Will: Sure she would, if she only knew how! Anna: You know perfectly well that I can shoot it, William! Will: Okay, let’s see it! Anna: Uh…sorry, but I just had my nails done, so I can’t give a demonstration for you guys. ~ Anonymous Narnian



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